Sambit Patra faces wrath of Arnab Goswami for ignoring Republic TV founder’s questions


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was back on Republic TV last week even after facing intense grilling by Arnab Goswami in the same week. Little did he realise that Goswami was even more worked up this time around. Such was his anger that he warned Patra to not use his programme for making a political speech. If that was not enough, he also warned the BJP spokesperson to resist from lecturing him on nationalism.

Sambit Patra

Goswami was discussing the issue of some verified Pakistani Twitter handles abusing their blue tick to spread fake news about India. This was after a Pakistani Twitter user had allegedly edited a video of Goswami to allege that the Republic TV founder had called for genocide in Kashmir.

Goswami wanted a response from Patra and report on what steps his government had taken to teach Twitter a lesson. Patra blamed India’s ‘leftists’ and ‘JNUites’ as he replied, “Let me tell you Mr Goswami, as far as these leftists are concerned, as far as these JNUites are concerned..” But even before he could complete his question, Goswami interrupted and warned the BJP spokesperson to not ‘lecture’ him on his show.

Goswami then sought to draw Patra’s attention by ‘requesting’ him to stop his rant. But Patra continued to speak even though he was barely audible. An exasperated Goswami told Patra, “You know, you need to start getting used to facing some questions.” Once again, Goswami’s ‘request’ had no effect on the BJP spokesperson as he continued to speak.

Goswami had clearly started to lose his patience as he said, “Please stop, why don’t you stop for a while?..One second Sambit. Sambit one minute. Sambit you need to stop making a speech on my programme and answer my questions.”

As expected, Patra was in no mood to stop. Goswami, who had had enough by now, shouted, “Sambit, will you stop going on and on and on like that? There are fundamental issues out here. You need to stop. Take a question dammit… Don’t lecture me about the nation.”

Goswami then decided to take Patra head-on as he ordered, “Sambit, be quiet and take my question because you are here to take questions and not make speech..Sambit you are faking it, it’s becoming obvious. Don’t hide behind nationalism. Don’t preach me nationalism.”

Patra replied, “You question Pakistan. Don’t dare question India.” Goswami replied, “I’m questioning you man and you are not India…Are you India?”

Last week, Goswami was seen publicly scolding Patra for allegedly ‘playing games with the people of India.’


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