Vivek Oberoi mocks Rahul Gandhi’s achievement after Congress leader’s ‘bogus film of a flop hero’ jibe


Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi on Thursday mocked Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s achievement by questioning his achievement as a politician. Vivek also said that if he was to act in Gandhi’s biopic, he will have to do most of his shooting in ‘Thailand.’

Vivek Oberoi
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When asked if he will act in Rahul Gandhi’s biopic, Vivek told NDTV, “If he’s done something that is worth playing a role of, I would have.” He added, “I am being cheeky. I am not saying Rahul Gandhi is not capable. Indira Gandhi did something that deserves not one but 100 biopics. I have huge respect for what you achieve for the country politically…The day Rahul Gandhi does something good for this nation, I will be the first person to applaud that.”

Vivek’s jibe came after senior Congress leader Rajndeep Singh Surjewala had called him a flop actor. Reacting to the controversy surrounding the release of a film on Narendra Modi, in which Vivek is playing the lead of the PM, Surjewala, according to PTI, had said, “It is a bogus film of a flop hero, a flop producer and is made on a flop person who has proved to be a zero.”

Surjewala had also questioned the timing of its release asking if black money was used to produce this film with an intention to help the BJP during the elections.

Vivek, who has campaigned for the BJP in the past, has defended his decision to release the film ahead of the elections. “I don’t understand why some people are overreacting like this. Why are such senior and famous lawyers like Abhishek Singhvi ji and Kapil Sibal ji wasting time on filing a PIL on such a modest film? Don’t know if they are scared of the film or of Chowkidar’s ‘danda’,” the actor was quoted by news agency ANI.

Directed by Omung Kumar, the film is set to release on 5 April. The film has Vivek Oberoi in the lead role. Among the film’s producers are Vivek’s father Suresh Oberoi, Anand Pandit and Acharya Manish. Many have already raised suspicion on the timing of the film’s release since the first phase of the Lok Sabh polls is scheduled to take place on 11 April.

Earlier, lyricists Javed Akhtar and Sameer had accused the producers of falsely using their names in the credits even though they had no association with the film.



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