Virat Kohli called ‘immature, entitled idiot’ after he allegedly abuses match referee and says he doesn’t care about code of conduct

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Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, who leads Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, has reportedly abused the match referee after his lost to Mumbai Indians by six runs in their last encounter on Thursday. Kohli’s unruly behaviour has earned him plenty of condemnation with social media users calling him ‘entitled idiot’ for his extraordinary reaction.

Virat Kohli,

Kohli’s side needed seven runs of the last delivery but the umpire failed to notice the no-ball by Lasith Malinga. Kohli said that had the umpire detected the no-ball, no only would his team have got an extra run but also a free-hit, which had the potential to change the fate of the game.

An angry Kohli made his displeasure known during the post match presentation party when he slammed the umpire S Ravi for failing to spot the no-ball. Kohli, according to news agency IANS, said, “We are playing at the IPL level and not playing club cricket. The umpires should have had their eyes open. That is a ridiculous call (last ball). If it is a game of margins, I don’t know what is happening. They should have been more sharp and careful out there.”

He did not stop here. After the match, the Indian captain also allegedly stormed into the match referee Manu Nayyar’s room and abused the official. Kohli, according to Times Now, also told the match referee that he didn’t care if he was penalised for violating the code of conduct.

Experts say that Kohli’s action may also lead to deduction of points in the fair play list. The player may also face some action by the IPL officials.

Meanwhile, social media users have slammed him for his unruly behaviour. Journalist Rahul Nanda wrote, “@imVkohli you’re nothing but an entitled idiot. I hope you’re sacked! Go screw yourself!” In his subsequent tweet, Nanda wrote, “@ImRo45 you said it so well in the match presentation. Hope immature @imVkohli can understand and be half the man you are.”

Other users pointed out the reaction of Mumbai Indian Captain Rohit Sharma on the same issue to bring home a point that Kohli needed to learn from his India teammate on civility. Sharma, while reacting to the no-ball controversy, had said, “”I just got to know when we crossed the rope. Somebody told me it was a no ball. These kind of mistakes are not good for the game of cricket, it’s pretty simple. In the over before that, Bumrah bowled a ball which wasn’t a wide. Those are game changers. There’s a TV up there, they have to watch what’s happening. It is as simple as that.”

User Sandeep posted the screenshot of comments made by Kohli and Sharma and wrote, “Difference between Rohit Sharma and Virat kohli… ”

Sharma said that he hoped that the match officials rectified their mistakes in future when faced in similar situation.



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