Video of Mohua Moitra showing middle-finger to Arnab Goswami goes viral after Trinamool MP’s fiery speech in parliament


Mohua Moitra, the newly-elected MP from the Trinamool Congress, recently became an instant star after she made her maiden speech in the parliament. Speaking during the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address, Mohua Moitra tore into the Narendra Modi government by outlining the ‘seven signs’ of early fascism in India adding that it was ‘incumbent upon’ every India to stand up to fascism. The video of Moitra’s fiery speech went viral in no time with many declaring that a new star was born in Indian politics.  Soon, an old video of Moitra showing middle-finger to controversial TV anchor Arnab Goswami too went viral.

Mohua Moitra

She said, “Citizens are being thrown out of their homes and are being called illegal immigrants. People who have lived in this country for 50 years have to show a piece of paper to prove they are Indians. In a country where ministers cannot produce degrees to show that they graduated from college, you expect dispossessed poor people to show papers as proof that they belong to this country.”

She was in no mood to stop as she said that the ‘2019 election was won on WhatsApp, Fake News and manipulating minds.’ “It is the very nature of the overwhelmingness of this mandate, of the totality of this mandate, that makes it necessary for us to be heard today, for the voice of dissent to be heard today,” she continued.

Moitra became a hero on social media with Twitterati, in particular, hailing her for her incredible speech. Also praising her was comedian Kunal Kamra, who shared an old clip of Moitra appearing in a Times Now debate being moderated by Arnab Goswami, who launched Republic TV in 2017. During the debate with Goswami in 2015, Kamra wrote, “Mahua Moitra First time MP second time Savage.”

After Kamra shared the old video of Moitra showing her middle finger to Goswami in frustration of not being allowed to speak, Twitterati began to once again hail her. One wrote, “Someone plz make a Photoshop of Mahua on Wonder woman. She deserves it. Absolutely amazing work. #Respect.” Another commented, “This was enough to understand she is not to mess with. But arnab wanted to test the waters. And he got a well-deserved response from Ms. MOITRA!” Another user commented, “Arnab Goswami, stop messing around with Tagore’s girls.”

The BJP won 18 seats out of 42 seats in West Bengal in the last months’ Lok Sabha polls. Experts say that the BJP’s ability to make a dent into what’s been known as the Trinamool citadel doesn’t augur well for Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Alarmed over the rise of the BJP, Banerjee has now called for unity among non-BJP parties namely the Trinamool, the Congress and the members of the Left Front.


  1. Mohua Moitra, the TMC member showing her middle finger is not a news any more because what else can you expect from a party member of TMC.Talking half truths,harassing Hindus in their own place,Muslim appeasement,bad mouthing Modiji,in spite of his spectacular victory,selectively blaming EVM,never adhering to any democratic norms both with in the party and outside,never having moral courage to deal with opposing ideas with respect,beating up people,etc are trade mark quality of TMC. This lady Mohua Moitra’s speech in the parliament half truth lacking honesty,integrity,and human value is not worth listening.Hope Bengal gets respite soon from these goons and Bengal reclaims its glorious days reflecting great souls ,Chitanya mahaprabhu,Raja Ram Mohan Roy,Ramakrishna paramahamsa,vivekanda,Rabindranath Tagore,Srila prabhupad etc

  2. She is a star in the parliament. Wish I was one of the voters in her constituency. Keep it up. Whenever you decide to repeat such a speech do let me know.

  3. Kudos to the most Mesmerising rising Moon of the Parliament I.e Mohua Moitra. The rarest of rare factual sarcasm with real statistics are slapped by her on the inept n ever liar Govt., each time she renders her unflinching speech of rights of ppl of India & duties of Govt., that is not addressing nation’s burning topics.
    Vice versa…..
    Modi KE Andh Bhakt Aalthu Faalthu Paalthu Kuttho, Tumhe Kya maaloom padhaai likhaai Kya hoti hai. Tum tho chaaywaale ki cup saucer dhonewala dhobi ho…hahaha….


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