Video of Akshay Kumar’s former co-star Savi Sidhu being forced to work as watchman goes viral, Rajkumar Rao promises help


Remember Savi Sidhu, who played the character of the police commissioner in Black Friday before acting in Akshay Kumar-starrer Patiala House and Gulaal? The actor had gone into oblivion until an entertainment website Film Companion tracked him down to a Mumbai housing society, where he’s been forced to work as a watchman.

Savi Sidhu

The incredibly emotional story of Sidhu’s adversity has evoked strong reactions on social media with actor Rajkumar Rao assuring support.

This was after a website posted a video interview of Sidhu, who is currently working as a watchman in a Mumbai housing society. Speaking to the website, Sidhu said that tragedy struck him in an unimaginable way, taking its toll on his health. He said that he lost all his loved ones including his parents and wife within a span of a few years.

Sidhu broke down while reminiscing about his tragedy. He said, “My health started to deteriorate. So, I thought I will take a break and will return to films only after I am better. Then, I started losing all my loved ones. That was toughest you know. The toughest moment was when I lost my wife. The next year, my Dad passed away. Then I was informed, since I lived in Mumbai, that my mother too has died. Then my father-in-law and mother-in-law too left us….Soon I was alone in my life.”

Sidhu said that he had no option but to work as a watchman to earn his living. “This is a 12-hour job, from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening. My life has become very mechanical since having a good sleep becomes very challenging. Sidhu said that he did not even have the money to pay for the bus fare to go and meet film producers for a job.

“I am pretty sure when I meet those producers and tell them I am fit to work in films now, they will not say no to me. I am coming now,” he said with a smile on his face.

His story evoked instant reactions from actor Rajkumar Rao, who tweeted, “Very inspired by ur story #SaviSidhu sir. Have always admired ur work in all ur films. Love ur positivity. Will def ask all my casting friends to reach out to u. Thank u @FilmCompanion for sharing his story. Perseverance is the key to overcoming obstacles.”

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who cast Sidhu in his films, wrote, “There are so many actors out there who don’t have work. I respect Savi Siddhu as an actor and have cast him thrice when he earned the role. I respect him that he chose to live his life with dignity and picked a job unlike so many entitled out of work actors who have either become alcoholics or wasted themselves away. Nawaz used to be a watchman, I used to be a waiter, I met one actor who sells bhelpuri on streets, I know and actor from Black Friday who drives a rickshaw, the lead from Salaam Bombay used to do the same.”

Kashyap added, “The art and the artist. Savi will have to help himself. Only thing one can do is get the casting directors to audition him for him to earn the role and for that he will have to walk to that casting directors office like million others. He has made a conscious choice and one should be proud of him that he did not allow the vanity of the artist to destroy him , and he actually does a job . I have writers that I have worked with who are always borrowing money, I have seen filmmaker’s I have admired borrow money from me for a meal.”

We hope that Savi Sidhu returns to screen soon with a big smile on his face. His story truly is an inspiration to millions.


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