Varun Dhawan says he will make Salman Khan proud


Bolly town is abuzz with the speculation that it was Dabang Salman Khan, who recommended Varun Dhawan’s name for the lead role in Karan Johar’s next mega release, Shuddhi.’

Karan announced on twitter that Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt will be his lead casts for Shuddhi.


Just when everybody wondered what could have prompted Karan to opt for relatively inexperienced actors for such matured roles, Salman tweeted congratulating Varun.


Varun was quick to react thanking Salman and promising to make him proud before changing his twitter display pic, where he’s standing with Sallu bhai. Very cute indeed!



This Bolly insiders say this leads one to believe that Varun’s inclusion in Shuddhi may have happened at Dabang Khan’s recommendation. As for Alia, she may have been included primarily due to her ‘chemistry’ with Varun.

A Hindustan Times report said this, “Not many are aware that he (Salman) suggested Varun’s name as a possible replacement for him in the film. He is confident that Varun can carry off the challenging part (of the male lead). And both the Karans were more than happy to sign Varun for the film.”

If the reports of Salman Khan helping Varun Dhawan are correct, it wouldn’t be the first time he will be doing so. He’s been known for launching and promoting new talent in the industry even in the past.


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