Govt should decide if banning Pakistani actors can stop terrorism: Varun Dhawan


With the MNS asking Pakistani artistes to leave India in wake of the Uri terror attack, actor Varun Dhawan says it is the government which should decide if terrorism can be stopped by such bans.

The Raj Thackeray-led party recently asked Pakistani artistes like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan to leave India, failing which the shooting of their films would be stalled.

When asked about this, Varun told reporters last evening, “I’ll follow what the government of India says.

Whatever the government of India says, woh sar aakho par, I’ll follow that. The attacks which happened on our jawans are horrible, my heart goes out to them.”

The “Dilwale” actor says a mandate to ban Pakistani actors, if at all, must come from the government if they feel this is a solution to curb terrorism.

“I totally stand with the government of India, but this should come from the government. If they are are taking any steps, then what after that? If terrorism can be stopped by banning actors then they should do it. But that is something the government needs to decide first,” he said at the ‘India Nightlife Convention Awards’.

Filmmaker Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra feels though artistes from across the border are not responsible for terror acts, they often get trapped in these things.

“This problem is real. jo ye activities hoti hai (Because of these activities), somewhere rest of the innocent people get trapped in this, including the artistes. Artistes are not doing all of this but in this fire they get trapped.

“I say ‘no an artiste should be kept out of this, how can you involve the artiste’ but if you look at the larger picture, mothers have lost their children, sisters have lost their brothers. The sole breadwinner of the family died in the camp.

The nation will get angry. And it will come out somewhere,” he said.

The “Mirzya” helmer says whenever there is some tension, innocent people end up being targets.

“Yes, it is absolutely right that don’t drag artistes into this but I want to ask, whenever a situation like this arises, in any part of the world, tension is there. The peace loving people are targeted,” he said.

The director feels if there is something which can strengthen the ties between two nations, it is economic relationship.

“If there is a flourishing economic relationship between India and Pakistan, then we won’t fill this valley of hatred with our children, but may be through business things will move forward” he said.

“Even in our country we cast vote on the basis of caste, religious intolerance, so what can we say to others. Let’s make our homes better first,” he added.


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