‘Vande Mataram’ played on Sarod by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and sons


Ustad Amjad Ali Khan with his sons Amaan and Ayaan have composed a new video track titled ‘Vande Mataram’, played on musical instrument Sarod, for India’s 68th Independence Day.

Speaking to media, Amjad said, “It is our salutation to all the people who have given their life for the freedom of our country, through music, through our three sarod’s, we are playing Vande Mataram. We strongly feel that every Indian should realize that we are Indian first and then whatever religion he or she belongs too.”


Amjad’s younger son, Ayaan Ali Khan said he just hopes this song connects with every Indian and every soul because the message is to salute your land, which is what ‘Vande Mataram’ means.

His eldest son Amaan Ali Khan speaking about this new track said, “It’s a minute and a half track for a country that has done so much for this family, for my father, for Ayaan & me. We are complete patriots of this country so we thought what better way on 15th August to do something. So it’s our humble offering to the country.”

The video is the brainchild of Ayaan, who has wanted to do something like this for a long time now. He said, “Sarod has a very different soul as an instrument.

It took them almost eight hours to shoot this instrumental video.


Speaking on the track’s title, Vande Mataram, Amjad said, “It has been sung by several singers over the years, but it has seldom been played only on an instrument. The aim is to make our countrymen realise that we are Indians first. You could be born in any religion, that is your destiny, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you are an Indian too.”

The video will be released on the eve of Independence Day when the trio of classical musicians will be performing at the prestigious Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, Norway on August 14.


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