Unthinkable happens on Republic TV as Arnab Goswami finds his match in Kashmiri guest, loses voice as he holds his head in disbelief


Arnab Goswami has often faced accusations of turning prime time TV debate in India into noisy verbal fights. The Republic TV founder has also had to deal with allegations of not allowing his guests to speak if their views differed from the line adopted by Goswami.

However, Goswami was in for a rude shock this week as a Kashmiri guest appearing on his show decided to give him a run for his money.

Arnab Goswami

Goswami was discussing the security threat posed to Amarnath devotees as a result of a shut down in Kashmir on the occasion of the death anniversary of the former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani. The authorities on Monday had suspended the annual Amarnath yatra in the wake of a strike called by separatists to mark the third death anniversary of Burhan Wani.

Also joining the host of guests to discuss the development on Republic TV were two guests, Majid Hyderi and Babar Qadri. At one point, addressing his Kashrimi guest, Goswami said, “You are sounding like a mix of Asiya Andrabi and Hafeez Saeed today. Why don’t you admit it?”

Hyderi replied, “Why don’t you arrest Hafeez Saeed? Let you and Gaurav Arya go to Pakistan and arrest Hafeez Saeed. Who’s stopping you?”

This prompted Goswami to launch an all-out attack on his Kashmiri guests as he said, “Gaurav, did you see how he just took a pro-Hafiz Saeed line?” He didn’t stop here. He called Hyderi as a ‘closet terrorist’ while branding Qadri as an open supporter of Lashkar-e-Toiba.”

Little later in the programme, Goswami slammed Hyderi for openly threatening one of his panelists, Sushil Pandit. An enraged Goswami then dared his Kashmiri guests to come to Delhi so that he could interrogate them personally. Responding to his challenge, Hyderi said, “I will meet you at our own Red Fort since this was built by Mughals.”

An angry Goswami said, “What do you mean by ‘our own Red Fort.’ Shame on you. The Red Fort is not a Hindu-Muslim thing. You are communalising the Red Fort. I feel like throwing you out of my programme.”

“This Babar Qadri is an open supporter of Lashkar-e-Toiba. This Majid Hyderi is also their supporter,” Goswami added.

Goswami had also called Hyderi a ‘closet terrorist’ earlier in the show. “He’s a closet terrorist, this man. Majid Hyderi, he hates this country.”

At one point Goswami addressed Qadri as Inam-un-Nabi, prompting Qadri to say, “You are so disturbed today that you have forgotten the names of your guests.” Goswami accused Qadri of irritating him. Pat came a reply from the Kashmiri, “But you’ve been irritating the whole of India.” Qadri then went on to interrupt Goswami even more by accusing him of hurting Kashmiris. This had quite a bizarre effect on the Republic TV host, who stopped for a few seconds while holding his head in disbelief!





  1. Anti indian page run by anti Indians who still see red fort as a sign of their ancestors. This is pure anti national. This is for the extremists Janta.

    • Then what will you call the present CM of UP who is changing a name of a museum caring Mughal dynasty conserves against Chatrapati Shivaji’s name? A Fool? He could have named it with any of the freedom fighter? But, No. How can a Museum which consists Mughal dynasty conserves be named against a different (Marata) dynasty? That is the reason education is important.

  2. This site seems to be a propaganda of Kashmiri terrorists who sucked Burhan Wani’s and Imran Khan’s di*k..
    Paedophile worshipers spotted..

  3. There seems to be a concerted attempt to gag the free media which raises its voice against pseudo liberals and secularists. If secularism is only a political tool, to be brought out and wielded for minority votes, we are better without it. Please remember that tha overwhelming majority of viewers solidly support Arnab and Sudhir Choudhary for their fearlessness and factual reporting. It’s time the pseudo people learnt a lesson or two from recent history.

    • He ain’t fearless dude. Accept it. If this person is so fearless why doesn’t he question the ruling government on any issues? Why do they always questions others on behalf of the government? I bet no government is perfect. Why doesn’t he show his fearless journalism in the flaws of the ruling government (56 lakh covid cases, 90k deaths despite of a long nationwide lockdown which lead to a loss of 15 cr jobs and a fall of -23.9 in GDP this quarter, education disaster in Bihar, U.P and many other states where people are unable to study as they are not provided with components used to go online, Chinese Issue, GST compensation not being paid to states in which even you live in, Letting Yes Bank owners on bail as the ET dept couldn’t file a charge sheet in 60 days for a scam of over 5000cr and the same team working against some cr against Rhea, Railways/Airports being privatized, Farm Bill and the new Labour Bill, Govt came up with no question hour in parliament since they are scared of Covid yet ask students to travel to their exam centres on their own and give exams and the list goes on. Has your fearless journalist ever questioned the centre? Did he ever show his fearless journalism against the centre? He is a coward running a serial with new episodes each day of SSR. Wait a minute, it ain’t even JusticeforSSR anymore 😂 Its Bollywood Drug mafia, where the same celebs contributed to PM cares fund. But who knows who contributed how much 🙄 There is no transparency in it. No one knows how much is collected and no one knows if anything from it is been used. 😂 Why doesn’t he/they show his/their fearless journalism in these cases? Are they scared of the Government? 🤔 @Sushant Srivastava @KT

  4. Arnab is a pet dog of the Saffron Brigade which would only howl when cheap issues prop up from where ever that may be and which present themselves as being easily capable of distortions that the Hindu fanatics are all ears to listen to Ad Nauseum.
    However, let’s not make the mistake of remaining silent on the tirade or even the selective silence preached by such antiHindu forces which is then exploited to the hilt by the partisan political forces who can thus showcase such developments as not just antiHindu but as anti-national as well which only they are wide awake to stand up and fight out.


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