Unseen video shows Paras Chhabra discussing plans with Siddharth Shukla to harm Asim Riaz, Colors TV’s caption makes ‘put him to sleep in his grave’ reference


In a shocking turn of event, an unseen video of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra discussing plans with Siddharth Shukla to harm Asim Riaz in the presence of Mahira Sharma, Shefali Jariwala and Shehnaaz Gill has gone viral. What has left Twitterati seething is the Colors TV’s caption under the video that read, “Day 94: Paras Chhabra lets his anger out as he confesses that he feels like beating up Asim Riaz and wants to put him to sleep in his grave. Watch him fuming with anger in this unseen clip, only on Voot!”

Paras Chhabra

In the video, Paras is seen issuing chilling threats to Asim in the presence of Mahira and Shefali, “Shall I tell you one more thing? I am literally feeling like beating up Asim here by thrashing him to the ground. I will tear him apart.”

Siddharth interrupts to add, “That’s the point. You can’t do that here and he (Asim) knows that.” Realising the consequences of the chilling threats issued by Paras, his friend Mahira quickly intervenes and says, “Stay quiet. Leave it.”

Shehnaaz, who is seen hugging Siddharth, asks Paras, “So you are the don of the house from today? Now let’s call him goonda. Paras Chhabra, the goonda of Bigg Boss.” 

Paras resumes his threats, “He (Asim) is flying in the air. I will uproot him from the ground.” Siddharth joins the conversation by asking disparagingly, “What does he (Asim) have that he can call his own? Everything he says is part of his acquired knowledge.”

Controversial caption by Colors TV

Shehnaaz perhaps realised the seriousness of the threats issued by Paras in the presence of Mahira, Shefali and Siddharth as she said, “I have nothing to do with this.” Unaffected by Shehnaaz’s reaction, Paras continues, “I mean I am like controlling myself.”

The emergence of the video with a chilling caption has left Twitterati seething in anger.

Previously, Siddharth has been seen physically assaulting Asim and abusing his parents. Paras too had used derogatory words for Asim’s sister which many alleged was a rape threat. Host Salman Khan has faced outrage for choosing to look the other way and refusing to admonish either Siddharth or Paras.


  1. Jealous people ! paras & sidharth asim say jaltey hain paras tu baat baat mein asim or sid ke fight mein taang adata hai jis se saaf pata chalta hai kay kitna jealous hota hai takla asim se??


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