Undergoing treatment for cancer in London, Irrfan Khan says he doesn’t make plans any more

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One of India’s most popular actors, Irrfan Khan, has opened up on his cancer treatment and spoken about his experiences and how his chemotherapy was progressing at a London hospital.

Speaking to news agency Associated Press, Irrfan said that he was no longer reading film scripts as he had stopped making any plans in life.

He said, “No, I’m completely out of reading scripts. This has become a surreal experience. My days are unpredictable. I used to think my life would be like that, but I could never practice unpredictability and spontaneity. That has happened now. I don’t plan. I go for breakfast and then I don’t have a plan. I take things as they come. That has been really helping me a lot. I don’t make plans. I’m just spontaneous. And I’m loving this experience. There was something missing in my life.

“I was feeling a little manipulated by myself, by my own mind. There was a kind of disharmony in myself. It was bothering me. And I think this is what I was missing, this spontaneity. I know because we live in a world that is packed with plans, it sounds unrealistic. How could you live your life like that? But life is so mysterious and has so much to offer, we don’t really try things. And I’m trying and I’m loving it. I’m in a really fortunate state.”

The AP journalist had asked him about his day to day life while undergoing treatment in London and whether he was reading any scripts or planning to work at all. Irrfan also informed that the four cycles of chemo were over and he needed to undergo two cycles before the doctors performed a scan.

“After the third cycle, the scan was positive. But we need to see after the sixth scan. And then we’ll see where it takes me,” he said.

In a first ever confirmation that he was battling cancer, Irrfan had sent a heartfelt note to his fans in June this year adding that the cancer he’d been diagnosed with was rare and had more unpredictability of its treatment.

Days later, when the actor updated the profile photo of his Twitter, he looked frail but happy. 


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