Unbelievable! Arnab Goswami refers to Sona Mohapatra and Kareena Kapoor’s marriage with Saif Ali Khan to highlight BJP’s hypocrisy on religious freedom


Days after confessing to being a biased journalist, Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami was seen giving grief to another BJP politician on his show. This time it was BJP spokesperson and lawyer Nalin Kohli, who Goswami targeted accusing him of double-standards on the issue of religious freedom as he took examples of singer Sona Mohapatra’s trolling and Kareena Kapoor facing public backlash for her decision to Saif Ali Khan. Goswami questioned Kohli about his silence when Muslims’ religious liberties were under attack in different parts of the country. The BJP spokesperson had suddenly become vocal about the statements made by some charlatan posing as a Muslim cleric against Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan.

Arnab Goswami

Turning his attention to Kohli, Goswami asked, “Nalin Kohli, are you against what’s happening to Nusrat Jahan? Are you against the fact that she’s been targetted for sporting a sindoor or saree or going to a Durga Puja pandal?” Goswami asked Kohli to give a short and spicy reply to his questions.

Kohli said that he was indeed against Nusrat’s harassment citing freedom enshrined to individuals under Article 19 of the Indian constitution. This prompted Goswami to ask more questions to Kohli. “So I presume you are against a singer like Sona Mohapatra. When she sings a music video, she receives threats saying that the song is vulgar. Are you against Waris Pathan being forced to apologise for saying Ganapati Bappa Maurya?” Goswami asked.

“Yes, of course,” replied Kohli.

This is where Goswami launched his tirade against Kohli accusing him of hypocrisy. The Republic TV founder said, “First of all, I appreciate the position you take. I like the way in which you quote Article 19 of the constitution…May I proceed to ask you? Are you also against the RSS, which did a survey saying that married women are happier than those in live-in relationships?”

Kohli said, “I was waiting for this twist.” He then continued, “Really? Have they (RSS) done the survey? I haven’t heard of it.” Goswami then asked Kohli’s point of view on what he made of VHP workers chanting during a Ram Navami procession in a Muslim locality that abki baar Hindu sarkaar. 

“Nalin Kohli, are you against the incident in January 2015, when the VHP morphed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s picture and used it on the cover of a VHP magazine as a warning against those indulging in love jihad?” 

Kohli replied, “I haven’t seen that.” Goswami said that who Kareena Kapoor loved and married was her individual decision.

Goswami said that ‘consistency demands today that we take on the hardliners on both sides to save this country.’ He asked Kohli, “The same aggression that you have today in the case of Nusrat Jahan, have I seen in other cases? Have you been selective Nalin Kohli?”

Goswami has, in the recent past, publicly slammed Sambit Patra on several occasions while criticising the central government.








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