Twitterati left speechless after Burqa-clad mother rides scooter for three days covering 1,400 kms to bring back son in lockdown


A burqa-clad from Telangana’s Nizamabad rode her scooter for three days and covered a distance of 1,400 kms by braving the stringent lockdown norms to bring her son back home. Razia Begum, a school teacher in Bodhan in Nizamabad, had obtained a special pass from the police to get her son, who was stuck in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown.

Burqa-clad mother

Razia’s son Nizamuddin was in Nellore to attend a coaching centre to pursue his dream to become a doctor. He was visiting home in Bodhan with his friend from Nellore but had to return back to Andhra Pradesh after his friend said that his mother had fallen sick. Once back in Nellore, PM Modi announced the nationwide lockdown.

A single mother of three, Razia approached Bodhan SP Jaipal Reddy for help. She received a pass and embarked on an arduous journey. She reached Nellore on 7 April and returned to Bodhan on 8 April.

Razia said that she had travel across the forest area too but she could not care much because she was only concerned about her son back home safely.

Her story has become a dominating topic of Twitter conversations;


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