Twitter explodes seeing Paras Chhabra’s ‘filth’ on Bigg Boss, celebrities rally behind ‘middle-class’ representative Asim Riaz


Paras Chhabra has become a target of brutal trolling on Twitter after many termed his utterances against Asim Riaz on Thursday night as ‘utter filth’ and repulsive. Paras had launched a tirade against Asim by making fun of his poverty and flaunting his riches. No sooner did the Bigg Boss show go on air, Twitter exploded in anger against Paras Chhabra with many calling on Colors TV to kick the latter out of the competition.

Paras Chhabra

Film critic Salil Arunkumar Sand wrote, “It’s really filthy to see #ParasChhabra talk to #AsimRiaz. It’s almost repulsive. Best switch off!” Last year’s Bigg Boss contestant Srishty Rode wrote, “#AsimRiaz Amazing.” This year’s contestant Shefali Bagga tweeted, “I totally agree with whatever #AsimRiaz said near the pool to #ParasChhabra .Paras went really low today.. Also Proud of #asim when he spoke against what paras has said about girls in the house.”

Similar sentiments flowed from his hundreds of thousands of Asim fans on the microblogging site. Hashtag #AsimRiaz and #ParasChhabra were trending nationally on Thursday night with many accusing Bigg Boss of blatant biases in favour of Paras.

Here are some of the reactions:

Paras had charged at Asim without any provocation while the former was busy arguing with Siddharth over some kitchen issue. Asim had asked Siddharth to request for a dishwashing bar since he was the captain of the house. Siddharth reacted angrily and asked Asim to request for the bar directly. It was at this point when Paras began to make fun of Asim’s humble upbringing.

Paras was called a disgrace for flaunting his riches by talking about Asim’s ‘cheap clothes’ vs his ‘designer clothes’ and his ‘bungalow and possessions’ vs Asim’s PG accommodation.’ Vishal Aditya Singh intervened and made desperate attempts to stop Paras from insulting Asim, but he was relentless. Asim told Paras that the latter’s success was a curse to himself because it had made him a cheap and arrogant person. He said that Paras was an obnoxious and arrogant person who talks badly about women’s character and their physique.


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