TV host Pooja Bedi speaks against “the culture of banning things”


Bollywood actress and television show host, Pooja Bedi has spoken against the “whole culture of banning things, especially in Maharashtra.

She said that this recent culture of bans, especially in Maharashtra was “ridiculous” and needs to go.

When asked about the recent four-day meat ban in Mumbai, Pooja said, “I think this banning business is ridiculous, we should all ban bans. We need to ban this whole culture of shutting down and banning things. If you have to ban something, ban products which are actually harmful for us like cigarettes. Smoking also affects the health of people standing around you. But we won’t ban such things. We’re told don’t eat fish, don’t eat meat, don’t wear miniskirts and other such things.”

Pooja Bedi with father and actor, Kabir Bedi
Pooja Bedi with father and actor, Kabir Bedi

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had banned the sale of meat for four days during the Jain fasting season of Paryushan. Reacting to this, the Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor took to twitter on Wednesday against the week-long ban on beef in Mumbai.

This led to host of other BJP ruled states to impose on meat duribg the Jain festival.

In Jammu and Kashmir, the High Court on Wednesday had ordered the ban on sale of beef in the state.

Speaking about the culture of banning things, Pooja said, “According to me, this is a democracy and in a democracy, individual choice is the most important thing. If we feel that we’re adults and adults are empowered to make important decisions. We can certainly decide if we want to eat beef, pork, fish or wear miniskirts or drink alcohol.”

Pooja is presently handling a column in the entertainment supplement of a leading newspaper. In Bollywood, Pooja has acted in many films including  Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and hosted her own show Just Pooja where she interviewed many leading Bollywood stars.


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