Truth behind viral video of Sanjay Dutt abusing journalists on Diwali night!


Last week, top Bollywood stars went into a frenzy in celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali. Not to be left far behind was Sanjay Dutt, whose biopic Sanju starring Ranbir Kapoor  recently smashed box office records.

Sanjay Dutt

As expected the paparazzi turned up in huge numbers to capture the stars’ movements outside his residence. Soon a snippet of Sanjay Dutt’s interaction with the media started doing the rounds on the internet. As reported by a large section of the media, a drunk Sanjay Dutt, started hurling the choicest of abuses at photographers. Angry over their  presence outside his house, Sanjay Dutt did not care less about the auspicious nature of the festival and began hurling abuses.

A video shared by a user shows Sanjay Dutt seemingly in a fit of rage as he launches a tirade against a photographer abusing his sister and mother. He is heard saying, “Diwali hai behenc****d, ghar jao na.” When one of them says that they were simply doing their job as part of their roles to cover stars’ movements, Sanjay Dutt abused them even more. He said, ” Tumhari boss ki maa ka b*****, behenc**d.”

The tweet shared by the user has been liked thousands of times. While posting the video, the user wrote, “Few months back, Biopic of this guy made 300 Crores.”

However, one user was quick to write that the clip shared on Twitter was mischievous as Sanjay Dutt had treated the photographers well earlier in the evening and even offered them sweets and water. He wrote, “Pls check the entire video when the entire family served water & sweets for the paparazzi’s and his son repeatedly asking everyone khana khaoge to everyone. It was just on context of asking them to go home & enjoy with their families.”

Below is the video of Dutt’s light-hearted interaction with journalists earlier in the evening.

From the longer video posted on YouTube, it seems that Dutt did not mean to be offensive and seemed to ask the photographers to get back home to spend time with their families although in his inimitable style. His use of expletives gave the impression that he was being insulting to them.

Sanjay Dutt has not reacted to this video, but the clip going viral will surely dent his image further.



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