Trouble mounts for Arnab Goswami as Supreme Court asked to act against him for perjury; Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slam Republic TV founder


In a dramatic turn of events, a petitioner has moved the Supreme Court seeking to initiate action under Section 340 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to prosecute the Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami for committing perjury. The application, according to Livelaw website, was filed in the Supreme Court by one Reepak Khansal. The new development has taken place days after FIR actress Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed Goswami for his antics.

Arnab Goswami

Khansal alleged that Arnab Goswami had made inaccurate statements in his writ petition filed before the Supreme Court seeking the quashing of multiple FIRs filed across the country against him for his controversial broadcast on the Palghar lynching last month. Khansal’s application before the Supreme Court referred to Goswami’s earlier petition in which he had described himself as a ‘journalist, Editor in Chief, investigating Journalism.’ He said that employees working for TV channels did not fall under the definition of ‘editor’ as per the ‘The Press and Registration Of Books Act 1867,’ adding that the definition of working journalists also did not fall under ‘The Working Journalists And Other Newspaper Employees (Conditions Of Service) And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955.’

Khansal, according to Livelaw website, said in his application, “That the Hon’ble Court has been misled into rendering its judgment on the basis of false submission should be identified and proceedings initiated against them for offences made out under Sections 191, 199 & 200 of IPC.”

Over 150 FIRs were filed against Goswami last month after he was accused of communalising the unfortunate incident of the Palghar lynching, which saw the tragic murder of two Hindu monks by a violent mob, who suspected them to be thieves. Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh had wasted no time in clarifying that the killers of two Hindu monks were not from a different religion. Yet, many felt that Goswami was desperately making the lynchings of two Hindu monks to be a communal issue.

Fearing arrest, Goswami had moved the Supreme Court seeking quashing of all FIRs filed against him across the country. The top court entertained his petition out of turn and granted him a three-week protection from arrest. Goswami was later grilled by the Mumbai Police for more than 12 hours at a police station.

Days later, another FIR was filed against Goswami at a Mumbai police station for attempting to communalise the gathering of migrant workers outside the Bandar railway station during the COVID-19 lockdown.

However, bringing relief to the Republic TV founder, the police in Meghalaya had put an FIR against him on hold reportedly to comply with the Supre Court order.

Earlier, Goswami had to face public wrath for his antics with FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait and Mulk director Anubhav Sinha targeting the Republic TV founder.

Goswami had founded Republic TV with the help of BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar in 2017.


  1. Very unfortunate. Why is Arnab being singled out?? Is it because he is exposing the fake news factory. Don’t you think Congress leaders, mother, son, daughter combination have done enough damage to this country by falsifying facts n distorting truth so that they can hold on to power. Why is that not considered criminal. Fact is there is large population who have got so used to license raj that they don’t n can’t come out of it. They can’t see a commoner become the PM of this country. Sad

    • This family must be deported Bharat. They are curse to our country. With no cable leaders in congress because all members popat bolis. Congress have only either YES MASTER or His Master’s Voice.

    • Sir, he is not being singled out because he is exposing out fake news factory but he himself is indulged in making fake news. He with assumtive way makes innocent the culprit and run the media trial and declaring ppl who r not even involved in the story the culprit. Some day it has to be stopped by someone and now I think time has come and ppl will raise voice against these type of journalists and law will prevail. And sir why should you worry, if Arnab is innocent then court will do no harm to him.

    • He is master of fake news and preacher of hate, he is responsible for many suicide due to nonpayment of dues to his vendors,

    • So sad there are people like you who will insist on calling a cat a tiger even when they know they are wrong… and then play a political blame game… while innocent souls have to lose their lives in the bargain…when will we wake up??… when will we become a bit more human and feel pain of the victims rather than sympathizing with the heartless brutes who are ready to do anything for TRP and fame… god save us all!

  2. It’s high time he be brought to book, as his Insensitive statement’s for TRP for his channel are effecting the social fabric of our Country

    • Arnab Goswami mentioned mosque as a reference as a mile stone how can he become One could see the building of mosque so referred mosque had it church or temple he would have mentioned church or temple

    • These people have no other work, then to file unnecessary case and waste time of honourable supreme Court, when so many important case needs hearing.

      • This man is dangerous for the peace of India.He is bent upon to disintegrate the nation by his venomous communal mind set.

    • Sorry, specifically people from another community is disturbing our secular fabric by regularly breaking law, example anti CAA aggressive agitation against a fully humanatarian law to shelter religious persecution victims in papistan, b’desh etc and then playing victim card, Tablighi people attackinv & injuring doctor nurses, showing vulgarity to women stuff etc. Do you mean exposing these immoral/illegal acts are unfair?

  3. People who are filing the cases are the same once who screamed from all their openings INTOLERANCE who were joined by award wapsi gang and self proclaimed intellectuals and self declared liberals what has happened to these matlabees when another journalist want to exercise the same right file cases where ever their party is in govt harass them send goons to harm journalist and his family . Down with these fekose shameless parasites living unfortunately in our country. We may not agree with Arnab but will support his right to expose these people

  4. FIR should only be allowed from place of residence of the person against whom filed..not all over the world..lawyers should not be allowed to pursue the law for personal gain as being done many times by out of work lawyers..this is to prevent corruption and harassment and the noble law profession…false cases must give punishments to case filers…otherwise cases can be filed for even so called act of god…lots of space for misuse..laws in india must be filer on whose or about whom filed must be present..or next govt will misuse and file thousands of cases in each court of india for same is a travesty of justice here to mislead the public

  5. Action should be taken against Arnab Goswami for dragging Mrrs Sonia Gandhi into Palghar incident and insulting her and communalising the whole issue of the murder of two Sadhus and their Driver.

    • What dragging? If she can cry with years on Batala house raid in which two terrorists were killed and one police inspector was martyred, why she is not taking her position on lynching of two saints in front of police force, in Maharashtra. Mr Arnab as a reputed journalist, had asked a reasonable question to her.

    • Sonia Gandhi shd be probed and investigated thoroughly. Something is surely fishy as her ngo are involved in conversion and corruption. Its rightvtime to investigate all these ountrrs along with Jounos/ media houses/ activists showing their anti India sentiments now & then. Let’s clear this fuss once for all

  6. Not surprised that Meghalaya police put the FIR on hold citing Supreme Court, after all he is their boy. Disgustingly regional and they blame others of being indifferent to NE

  7. Hatred journalism shall be takin en to task. Not only against Godwami but also against the other such journalists or press reporters are imminently required in present days of situations where the negative attitudes are spreading like a severe corona virus. In the name of journalism, some who are in journalism have developed ego that they can write any matter with any fabricated amount and thus harming the society in general and the secular ideals in particular. Action against such people shall be a lesson to other in negative side of journalism.

  8. Such incident should Not suffer from any communalism but the same should be properly investigated. Arnab trying to give a communal colour to it and to divert attension of public from real issues which our country facing and to help certain poltical party.

  9. This type of hate speechers should be jailed for that’s hate speeches and communal disturbances in democracy of our country

    • Sonia antonio moino cries for a terrorist encounter. She or Rahul vinchi nor any of her party men condemned killing. It is a bitter fact the muslim community was and is being used as tool of communal using the society. Arunab has not criminalising the issue. Atleast today you Muslim brothers, you are a scape goat in Congress hands. Why did not you filed a criminal case against Owaisi brothers and Waris Pathan and many more who always spread communal venom. Do not be onside. Bcz you are a Muslim and provocateur by Congress and your Mullas. Don’t do it for humanity sake.

  10. There should be a complete ban on religious conversions. There are many well funded inimical forces operating in india who in the name of religious freedom wants to change the demographics of india according to their choice. Through their sustained efforts, they may eventually succeed in creating small craters in indian society which over the long run will weaken the structure of india.
    There is no other best example to this, than India it self, a victim of invaders machinations n their quest for religious conversions mostly through coercions.

  11. The swine who thought no one could touch him and told all liberties to be little his panelists, should be handed the most severe punishment and paraded naked in public his channel should be banned and he should be banned from anchoring any SC how in future, the pig should be hogged from the rear

  12. Best piece of news.. Should have been done long ago…. He’s.. Such an arrogant person… And a total BJP person

  13. I just cannot understand as to why without knowing the facts some people are against a Truth Seeker like Arnab Goswami. He NEVER talks without any collection of facts and is a true journalist. For one instance, the lynching of the Hindu monks. What I am wondering is that we have been taught in our schools to say and do only the right things. We grow up to love our country and become good citizens and follow our Indian Constitution to SEEK Truth and, when we and OUR ARNAB GOSWAMI DO THE SAME, WE ARE MADE VICTIMS. But we still love our country and our law which says SATYAMEV JAYATE. And yes, one request to everyone to please be with the TRUTH SEEKERS WHO HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO SO. ARNAB GOSWAMI, WE ARE WITH YOU. OUR VEDAS TOO TEACH US TO SEEK ONLY AND ONLY THE TRUTH. Thank you.

    • Whome do you follow Rahul Gandhi Or Robert Vadra. Your mentality seems very narrow like your language. Try to keep checking facts with a genuine resource like Arnab. Otherwise after 20 years you will regret that you were wrong like some of these congress leaders are thinking so now.

      • Are you sure Arnab has genuine sources other than finding something fishy out of nothing. (For propaganda)
        He supposed to ask questions on Palghar incident with the police, local punchayat or to the Maha Govt. Sonia Gandhi aka Congress as the third supporter doesn’t have any strong ground to be questioned.
        By the way till now Modiji also is silent on that. Why? Nation wants to know.

  14. The varda family leaves no stone unturned to comment against cow lynching etc.and give it a communal colour. Their silence on murder of sadhus exposed them . This shows their secular nature – make capital when members of one community are killed but remain silent when other communities are affected.

  15. Arnab Goswami targeting muslims covering face with Sonia ji poster and mingle with Palghar to hide U.P’ same shame case and pleasing his Big goons financial pulters . suffering from superiority complex. just repoter bit R bharat.

  16. i really am no interested in finding who spoke against arnab or whatever it is very irrelevant…we just want to know what happens to him

  17. Only reporter and media exposing Congress family . Go great Arnab and team. Its a matter of time – they will be exposed.

  18. I just support Arnab.That is it.
    Ban Conversions.All fekus will be out of Buissness for country’s Good.

  19. What is the social fabric of our country. Exodus of kashmir hindus from kashmir. Biggest problem of this nation is hindus are least bother of other hindus pains & sorrows.

  20. I used to regularly watch arnab goswamis news edition, during that time as observed his news editions were well composed and edit in climaxic pattern no offensive words were used in the debates he conducted was, however as made name might have taken so wrong doing society in serious way to convey it to the people, but to some of people it look like a rant and sedition. One thing must be kept in mind that as some stalwart said there are many types of India within I. India, in urban India people take English language as lingua franca in semi urban it taken shame of colonial period and language of the cheating and game so in different types of people take it different prospective, there is no need to blame arnab goswamy, already he has conveyed his view on the issue.

  21. Arnab is exposing fake news factory!!! Oh God! He himself is the biggest factory of fake news. No wonder he has dumb n blind followers like you!

  22. Arnab Goswami is trying to defend gov Everytime and is trying to hide the current problems being faced by country. Why there is never a debate on unemployment rate, ill effects of demonitization, improper implementation of GST, unnao rape case( BJP accused MP/mla), migrants travelling 100s and more kms distances by feet without much food in corona lockdown.
    Instead he’s very nicely communalising every event. Great journalist. He with suddir choudhary must be behing the bars.

  23. Just see the scenario and try to understand. That, all those who are protesting Arnab are either bad Politicians, related to bad politicians, corrupt government servants, live and let live the corruption. These type of mentality exists in our country and cannot allow the fact to come out. But there are people like this men Arnab who is showing the true face and real news.
    Thank You Arnab just keep it up we are with you.


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