Trolls target Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister for her ‘poor’ singing talent


They are called trolls because they don’t have anything better in life and their only pastime in life is to give celebrities that they hate grief. After subjecting actor Dipika Kakar and her actor husband Shoaib Ibrahim, trolls have now targeted Saba, the latter’s younger sister for her ‘poor’ singing talent.

Shoaib Ibrahim

Saba recently posted a dubsmash video on Instagram, where she has over 45,000 followers. In the video, Saba is seen lip-syncing to a popular Hindi track using a popular mobile app. No sooner had she posted the video, trolls began to target her with nasty comments. One user wrote, “You have achieved nothing in life for ppl to love or hate u. If u r normal just be normal n not copy ur brother.,he might be doing all that to stay connected with his fans but who r u doing all this for? (sic)”

Another user attacked her with equally nasty comments, “Acting sikh k aa pehale kyu gaane ki aesi ki tesi kr rhi hai (First learn acting. Why are you killing the essence of the song?)”

However, there were many who came to her rescue. One user wrote, “Keep going! Waiting for your another video. people is just jealous, give a damn about them (sic).” Another user commented, “Thoes who write bad commnts…agar acha nhi bol skte to bura bhi mt bolo yr atleast she try to do somthing aise kisi ko discourage na kro yr (sic)”

Last month, Dipika had shamed her trolls, who had slammed her for celebrating Eid after marrying a Muslim. She had told a newspaper, “why do I owe an explanation to you for my personal decision? Why do you expect that I will live my life on your terms and conditions? How are you even related to me? Just because I’m an actor and you get to know about my personal life doesn’t give you the right to abuse me or slam me whenever you feel like. Shame on you.”

We think it’s time Dipika’s sister-in-law too repeated the same line for her trolls: ‘Shame on you.”

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