Tina Dabi Khan ‘finally’ finds peace with IAS topper ‘hubby’ Athar Aamir Khan


Tina Dabi Khan has built a considerable followers’ base on social media, where she prefers to engage with them periodically. She’s perhaps the only young IAS officer, who has managed to amass more than 2.5 lakh followers on Instagram. Her social media posts often get shared thousands of times with fans being awe of her success story.

Tina, who was posted in Bhilwara in Rajasthan as an SDM, had told her fans how she was playing a key role in raising awareness among public on the need to exercise their rights to cast votes. Her subsequent posts on Instagram suggested that the election duty had kept the young civil servant incredibly busy, thereby stopping her from her social media interactions or even spending personal time with her loved ones.

On Friday, days after the new chief minister for Rajasthan was announced, Tina took to Instagram to share a photo with her IAS topper husband, Athar Aamir Khan. She informed that she had ‘finnaly’ managed to find some ‘peace’ with husband Athar. She wrote, “Finally. A moment of peace! Bliss. Election work finally over. Hubby.”

As expected, her fans once again reacted positively to her latest post. One fan, visibly upset on not seeing a post from Tina in a long time, wrote, “Please keep posting photos of you together regularly. Every time I see you both, it reignites the fire in me to try to become an IAS officer.” Another user wrote, “Really the most valuable persons to the youngsters.” “I really wonder how civil servants like ias and ips… Interested with social media.. and stay active with it!” commented another user.

Athar, also a Rajasthan cadre IAS officer, is currently posted in the Union Ministry of Tourism as an Assistant Secretary. The couple is known to flaunt their holiday escapades on social media. Not too long ago, they had inundated their social media pages with photos from Taj Mahal as they visited the historic monument together.



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