Tina Dabi Khan announces launch of personal website; to turn online guru for IAS aspirants


Tina Dabi Khan, who is arguably the most popular and followed IAS officer in India today, has announced that she will play the role of an online guru for IAS aspirants. The ‘proud Kashmiri  bahu’ has made a new beginning by launching her personal website, which has several very interesting features. Announcing the launch of her website, Tina wrote on Instagram, “Hi all 🙂 I hope all of you are faring well. I am delighted to share with you all that I have started my own personal blog. You can check it out on www.tinadabi.in.”

The Bhilwara SDM continued, “I’ve been unable to share much of what’s been happening in my life due to the limits of Instagram. A photo is sometimes unable to convey the thousand words that I would like you to know. The medium of a blog will enable me to communicate with you my work stories, exam tips, my opinions on love and life.”

She also posted the same information on her Insta story. As expected, her fans once again reacted with awe and appreciation. One fan wrote, “Waiting eagerly for the exam tips and strategies.. please update soon.. thanks.” Another commented, “Mam need some tips for preparation!!” “Thanks mam it’s quite inspiring for us,” commented another fan.

Under UPSC corner, her website has plenty of tips for IAS aspirants. For example, the ‘booklist’ category states, “There is no one booklist that can ensure to answer all questions in the examination. But yes, there are some books that can be considered sacred for UPSC, the ones that can ensure that at least 60% of the questions can be attempted after a good reading of them.”

For students of history, she advises, “For Ancient and Medieval Indian History, the good old NCERT seems to be reliable source. Its author is RS Sharma. Some chapters in the above even serve as a great source for Art and Culture section.

“For Modern Indian History, Spectrum’s Modern History and Bipin Chandra’s Indian Struggle for Independence are great.”

Among other interesting features are Sahibaans of Kashmir, Tina at 25 and My Inner Rumi. 

Within months of making her social media debut, Tina has now amassed lakhs of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Social media posts from the affable IAS topper of 2016 often elicit overwhelming response from her fans, who appear to have been smitten by her beauty and intelligence.

Going by the response to her post, it’s almost certain that, just like her arrival on social media, Tina’s website is destined to be a great hit.


  1. This is a good attempt. In future, she may help many aspirants. Also she may consider giving advice to new officers who are starting their careers after completion of training


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