This is why ‘Sexiest Teacher’ trended on Twitter on Teachers’ Day, cue lies in Hrithik Roshan


5 September is marked as the Teachers’ Day in India in honour of former Indian President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a philosopher, scholar and extraordinary teacher before he became First Citizen of India.
Teachers' Day

Like every year, on Wednesday too, the Teachers’ Day became the top trend on Twitter as users paid tribute to those who had paid key role in shaping their lives.

Hours later, Sexiest Teacher’ too became a top Twitter trend nationally and this had nothing to do either Madhuri Dixit or Swara Bhaskar (see their tweets above). Neither was it an exercise designed to ask users to share who they thought was the sexiest teacher in their opinion.

This was in relation to the release of the first look Hrithik Roshan’x next film Super 30, where he plays the role of a math wizard from Bihar, who shot to international fame by coaching underprivileged children from economically backward communities to crack the elite IIT examination.

In the poster, underneath Hrithik’s intense looking photo, had following words written, “Ab raja ka beta, raja nahin banega (From now on, a king’s son will not become a king).”

This prompted his fans to launch a new Twitter trend in ‘Sexiest Teacher’ with most of them showering praises on Hrithik’s look as a teacher.

One user, Saravanan Hari wrote, “Wow! @iHrithik is indeed the Sexiest Teacher.” User Kanchan Negi wrote, “Let’s Wish Sexiest Teacher @iHrithik “Happy Teachers Day” !!! Amazing look !!!!!” User Vanila Joseph posted a naughty tweet that read, “I wonder what would @iHrithik teach as the sexiest teacher? Maths? English? Or something elseeeeee……” User Kirti Basal wrote, “I would never miss my class if @iHrithik joins my college as a teacher. Sexiest Teacher.”


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