The Kapil Sharma Show fans stunned by revelation on Janhvi Kapoor’s mother late Sridevi, Bharti Singh shares her Dad’s experience on Ramayan


Fans of The Kapil Sharma Show were left stunned this weekend when the famous comedian welcomed three legendary actors from the past to mark the 33 years of epic TV series Ramayan. Deepika Chikhalia, Arun Govil and Sunil Lahri were Kapil’s guests. These three actors had played the roles of Goddess Sita, Lord Ram and his brother Lakshman in the Ramanand Sagar’s TV drama Ramayan. While sharing the experience of their instant stardom, Arun Govil said that even legendary actresses such as late Sridevi and Jaya Prada would treat him like real Lord Ram.

The Kapil Sharma Show

Arun Govil said, “Those days we used to have lavish filmy parties. I happened to attend one such party where Sridevi and Jaya Prada were also there. The moment I entered the venue, both Jaya Prada and Sridevi got up from their seats and greeted with folded hands.”

Sridevi was arguably the biggest Bollywood actress of her time in the 80s when Ramayan was broadcast on India’s government-owned TV channel Doordarshan. found deadThe legendary actress was in a Dubai hotel in February 2018.

Deepika said, “We realised after two-three months that this show had become so famous.” She also revealed how even elderly people treated her like Goddess Sita and often greeted her by touching her feet. “Everybody used to be elder to me. They used to touch my feet. There was no concept of shaking hands or exchanging Hi and Hello to greet each other,” she told Kapil.

Kapil Sharma shared his own personal anecdotes about Ramayan as he said how his grandfather had instructed his daughters including the comedian’s mother to cover their head in respect before turning on the TV set.

Bharti Singh said that her father used to wash the TV set with coconut water before Ramayan started.

Another highlight of The Kapil Sharma Show on Saturday night was Deepika Chikhalia. who played the role of Sita in Ramayan, enacting a line from Alia Bhatt-starrer Gully Boy. Kapil asked the 54-year-old actress to enact the famous line of Alia from Gully Boy. Deepika said, “Agar mere boyfriend ke saath gulu gulu karegi naa, to gobche mein lekar dhop daalungi tere ko.”



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