Time magazine’s divider-in-chief headline: Kabir Bedi accepts his mistake, when will Sambit Patra apologise for lying about Aatish Taseer’s nationality?


Last week, when the Time magazine decided to call Prime Minister Narendra Modi divider-in-chief, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was quick to call the author of the cover story a Pakistani national.

Sambit Patra

Addressing a news conference, Patra said, “When India’s fortune changes, then some people suffer from discomfort. They start publishing articles etc. One such article we have seen in the Time magazine today. Brothers, do you know who its author is? The author of this article is a Pakistani citizen. A Pakistani citizen calls Modi ji a divider and Rahul Gandhi tweets that article..The only agenda that Pakistan has is to malign the image of Modi ji internationally. So by writing this article, this Pakistani author is making a fake attempt to malign Modi ji.”

Patra’s comments received prominent coverage from the usual suspects in the media, who shared the clip from his press conference on social media platforms. The clip shared by Times Now in particular has been viewed by over 1.24 lakh people. In total his comments social media footprints were in millions.

But the question arises if Patra was telling the truth. The author of the Time magazine’s article, Aatish Taseer, is the son of pro-BJP Indian journalist Tavleen Singh and late Pakistani politician Salman Taseer, also a former Governor of Pakistani Punjab, who was assassinated in 2011.

Patra wasn’t the only person reacting angrily to the Time magazine’s story by suspecting a Pakistani conspiracy. Veteran actor Kabir Bedi too took to Twitter to express his outrage when he wrote, “How can the World’s Most Famous Magazine Endorse such a Blatantly Biased Attack on Prime Minister Modi by a Pakistani while India’s elections are still going on?”

Aatish Taseer’s mother Tavleen Singh reacted to Kabir Bedi’s allegations and clarified that her son was not a Pakistani. She reacted to his tweet and wrote, “Kabir disagree with what he writes. But, you know that he isn’t Pakistani.” Bedi accepted his mistake and apologised as he wrote, “Sorry, Tavleen. I assumed he was Pakistani since he referred to his father as a “Pakistani Muslim”. But I’m glad you disagree with what he writes about Modi. Outraged that @Time puts it on the cover after howling about Russian interference in US elections.”

Later speaking to Barkha Dutt on Tiranga TV channel, Taseer said that he had a thick hide when it comes to criticism. He, however, made it clear that Patra was putting forward a lie about his nationality. Taseer said, “When spokesperson of the BJP comes out and puts forward a lie, saying that I am a Pakistani when he knows very well that I grew up in India and have been to Pakistan about as many times as you have, that kind of annoys me.”

While Kabir Bedi was gracious enough to accept his mistake, will Patra too issue a public apology? Chances are that he wouldn’t, for this may have been part of a clever strategy to deligitimise the Time magazine’s article criticising Modi!


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  2. Sham-a-bit phat ra? A light wait Chowkidar whose bread and butter and something else is Chaparusi ( Court Jester ). Don’t expect the standard of Kabir.
    Further, Kabir has misread Talveens statement! It is not she who is differing with the view of her son’s article but she offers Bedi the choice to disagree.
    It is always the case of “Nich” the inferior mind, to boost when there is appreciation ( like good words earlier issues of Time) and be outright offensive when things go against. Poor Chaiwala Chowkidar and his wagging tails (like patras) and waiting tails like (GO els, Pra SADs, and Nir mal ass)

  3. Sambit Patra is highly toxic person and in order to appease his masters ie BJP – Modi -Shah,he can spread lies by saying most illogical and unfounded things..After voting in Puri is over,he is again indulging in his dirty game by divide and rule

  4. A naturally impossible phenomenon, but all the political crooks in the country — who have always been at each other’s throats — are now ‘united’ — hence it is the ghatbandan (sic ‘ghadbadbandhan’) that’s news today. Therefore this fool Taseer .. not to speak of the even more foolish so-called ‘reputed’ magazine Time .. which at best can serve as a handy source for toilet paper … talks of Modi as ‘Divider in chief’ when he is actually ‘Uniter in chief’ as is there for all to see !!!!

  5. No one should dare speak a word against Sambit Patra, he is coming from a party with difference, where truth is forbidden, where Sant Kabir travels back 500 years to meet Guru Nanakji,where HSC/Matric failed holds MA degree, where weather changes are due to aging population, where Male Gender smiles and shakes his hand like…
    Any one word on Sambit Patra you will be arrested under Anti-National Act.


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