Talk to me properly, I will speak to Navika: Union Minister Prakash Javdekar faces condemnation for bullying Times Now journalist


Union Minister Prakash Javdekar is facing growing condemnation after a video of him humiliating and bullying a Times Now journalist went viral on social media. In the viral video, Javdekar, who holds the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change as well as  Information & Broadcasting Ministry, is seen expressing his displeasure at the manner in which the Times Now journalist Muhammad Wajihullah spoke to him.

Prakash Javdekar

Surrounded by reporters, Javdekar singles out the Times Now journalist as he reacts angrily, “kya naam hai appka? (What’s your name?).” The reporter replies, “Wajihullah.” A visibly angry minister admonishes him by asking, “Wajihullah. Kaun saa paper se ho (Which newspaper are you from)?” “Times Now,’ say the reporter. Javdekar then lectures him by saying ‘to dhang se baat karo na (Talk to me properly).’

The minister then leaves the venue by warning him that he will speak to Wajiullah’s boss Navika Kumar.

No sooner did a journalist share the video on Twitter, it evoked strong reactions from other reporters with many condemning the minister for his arrogance.

Navika Kumar has often faced flak for her alleged biases for the BJP. She was in the news in June this year when American Indian comedian Hasan Minhaj called her India’s own Nancy Grace for her questionable media ethics.


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