Tables turn inside Bigg Boss house as Siddharth Shukla plays victim card during fresh fight with Asim Riaz


The fight between Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz took a new turn in the Bigg Boss  house after the latter accepted the TV actor’s challenge to meet him outside the show. The promo broadcast by Colors TV showed Asim and Siddharth engaged in heated arguments over some differences during a task. Siddharth was also seen accusing Asim of pushing him.

Siddharth Shukla

Siddharth was apparently angry that Asim had acted with dishonesty while discharging the role of a moderator. When challenged by Siddharth on why he had not seen Vishal Aditya Singh getting off the horse during the task, Asim replied, “I did not see that.” To which Siddharth replied, “It doesn’t matter whether you’ve seen it or not. We will remove you (from the role of a moderator). We will show you.”

Asim replied, “Ok, show me then.” Asim was later heard saying to Siddharth, “You are barking, I am not.” A visibly incensed Siddharth told Asim, “Asim, you show me this (attitude) outside the house.”

Unfazed by Siddharth’s threats, Asim replied, “Don’t threaten me time and again to see you outside the house. Do it here whatever you have to do. Who are you afraid of?” He continued, “I will fulfill your wish and see you (outside the house).”

Asim did not stop here as he likened Siddharth to a mosquito and said, “I will gouge your eyes.”

Siddharth was later seen accusing Asim of pushing him. This came in sharp contrast to how he’s been known for aggression and violence in the house. This is the first time, Siddharth is seen playing the victim card.

Earlier, Salman congratulated Asim for being the first contestant to become a member of the Elite Club. He told the housemates, “I’ve heard some of you saying that Shehnaaz deserved more than Asim to become the member of Elite Club.”

Siddharth, Paras and Mahira were among those who said that they did not think Asim deserved to be a member of the Elite Club.


  1. It’ll be better if Physco Shukla will be out of bb13. We will see some good quality episodes of Asim Sana Rashmi and Vishal.
    Shukka group is not celebrity they are machli vendors .

  2. Before u comment on sid,it will b better u open ur eyes an watch bb,did vishal not get up from d horse,u ppl r biased,he plays a fair game,just because he’s good looking , he need not b targeted all d time,even wen he’s right.

    • Shukla just wanted an excuse to target Asim. Vishal did not get off the horse, he was asked by Rashmi to turn around and by holding the horse he turned. Asim as the sanchalak did the right thing. Why did Shukla not react when Arti, Paras, and every else used to be biased towards him during the previous task. He never said anything to paras Raddh ke dukan. Shukla is not a child to get poked evrytime. He just want to justify his acts be calling it retaliation..

      • At that time they were laughing and now when asim did they are crying they should remember that also paras is taking advantages simple and mahira also i hate both of them seriously

        • sid scared? pichle do hafte se sid hi dikh raha tha.ladai ki zaroorat asim ko hi hai dikhane ke liye.pehle beimaani karo fir badtameezi kro fir jab reaction aa jaye toh shuru ho jao baap Ko bola maa ko bola .

    • N that to they only know how to demoralize asim as shefali always drag the conversation between asim n Sid but as Sid is totally a psycho person he LL never change. He is never seen doing any kind of work in the house except lying on the bed with Sana n eating is becoming his passion n bb never says anything to him he should b evicted so that people should live ateast with peace.

    • Oo really wo itna hi fair h to paras glt kr rha tha train task me tb uske muh me awaz nhi tha or khud poke krta h Or sharif bnta h wo ge jitna tha nhi uske mn ka hua to pgl dog ki trh behave krne lga

  3. Siddharth is the big bully. He has realised that he is losing ground to Asim.
    This is not the first time that he has savagely pushed Asim. Earlier he was nominated for two weeks. Now he should be kicked out of the BB house.

    • ladai asim ko chaiye thi.jhoot bol ke ladai ki usne.pichle do hafton se koshish kar raha tha ladne ki ab mauka mila usey dikhane ka

  4. Sid is just one of a kind. He has got one messed up attitude. The way he speaks with sana. Let alone asim. Sid really needs to be out the house but bb won’t allow that as the for the money and
    trp. Asim is just getting picked on

  5. Now Asim is wrong then pls go in flashback and see what Paras did when he was a moderator that time where was Sidarth sukla… Sid is only after Asim Bcoz now Sana is not with him so how will he get importance so he is poking Asim the Hero…

    • Brijesh: first you eat shit then you will know Sid taste. Someone should poke you targeting your parents then you will feel the shit taste

    • Shabbir, are you afraid of Sid. He is angry man and always use parents in between arguments. I can out him to clean my toilet so he will learn respect and I am sure he use same language with his parents

  6. Compared to past sanchalak like Paras and Shefali Jariwala, Asim did the right thing, Vishal did not get down he just turned around.
    Nowadays Shukla is actually irritating..

  7. Asim is shit. He talks shit. He provokes and then he accepts he is provoking but in weekend ka vaar he will be a good boy. Cry baby. He is just barking in the show. He is so jealous of Sid that he is influencing Rashmi later asking why did she go to explain Sid. Piece of shit can be expected only from Asim. He knows Sid’s weekness and he is taking a dis advantage of it.

  8. Asim is big time bho bho bho . He doesn’t understand even that not to enter anyones conversation without necessarily…he is showing his real colours and sounds like dog is barking..ohh chiii parka deta he yayyayuayay.. big boss esaka mu band karawa dejiye. Irritated hote hai ham sabhi

  9. Sid ki wajah Se aasim dikh raha h,abhi 2 week Se dikh nahi raha toh abhi use dikhna h na ladai k Erie or toh Kuch aata nahi use

  10. In BB13 the most irritating person is Shukla, who ever works, never take shower, Always bitching about others, always poking others, Manipulative when ever he get chance, like to fight with Asim for trp.
    This guy should be out of BB13 to find a correct winner.
    Please do see his stupid childish behavior with 15 years younger girl Shehnaaz.
    Mr. Immeture.


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