Now protests in Jantar Mantar against Sunny Leonne, want actor deported

After the CPI leader Atul Kumar Anjan’s controversial remark on Sunny Leone’s condom ad, a group of people on Saturday sat at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar demanding pornstar-turned-actress’ deportation from India.
At the venue of their ‘dharna,’ the protesters were seen shouting slogans “Sunny Leone wapas jao, mere desh me gandh na failao” (Sunny Leone go back, don’t spread obscenity in our country).
The protesters have echoed the sentiments of  what the CPI leader had told a public rally in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh arguing that Sunny Leone’s condom ad promoted rapes in the country.
The actress too was quick to respond to Anjan’s comment on her Twitter account by saying, “Sad when people of power waste their time and energy on me, instead of focusing on helping those in need !!!!! #SHAME #EPICFAIL”
Though the CPI leader later apologised for his statement but maintained that Sunny Leone’s condom advertisement was vulgar and he would continue to oppose them.
It’s not the first time Leonne has found herself amidst controversy. She was booked by Dombivali police for alleged distribution of obscene content on web and social networking sites after a filed a police complaint demanding the removal of her ‘obscene’ video content from the web as they ‘poisoned the minds of people, especially children.’


  1. I feel like the media can give us messages, but as fans, we are the ones who support Bollywood, make films big… For sure we can get our opinion across.
    We are a nation, a culture that has morals and values that gets passed on to generations. The culture of Bollywood have no boundaries, but it is us, my children that will pay the price. today Bollywood is accepting the idea of pornography and this is not okay with with the rest of us. Tomorrow our children will consider this as their norm.
    How can we get our message across?
    I have no problem, with people doing whatever they want to do, but it is not fair to the rest of us, because it effects us in way they will never understand, because we come from respectful families and we have morals and religious values. One one had Bollywood claim they are from a respectful religion practising family and on the other hand they support these activities and see nothing wrong in it, porn is against every religion, every book and is not accepted in the Indian culture, so why are we allowing this? And why as an audience do we not get a say?

  2. We have no problem with what you do…
    But go back to where you came from and do it there…
    amd of course Aaliya Bhatt, would say it’s ridiculous… You don’t have children, snd a family to think about, more over, I think it’s important for you to wake up and realize that it’s also other people’s opinion that matter because they are being exposed to this.


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