People want to listen to new singers: Sunidhi Chauhan


Bollywood playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan says today, people are eager listen to new voices and that is a good trend.

The 32-year-old “Sheila Ki Jawani” hitmaker believes now there is enough space for all the singers, giving them an opportunity to shine.

“Today, the music industry has gone through a huge change. People are more eager to listen to new voices. And that is a good trend,” Sunidhi told PTI.

“So many new, fresh singers are coming up. Everybody is getting a chance to sing and perform. The audience is accepting them, even though some may not necessarily be skilful singers.”

Sunidhi Chauhan

Another major trend in music industry is actors taking to singing, with some cutting their own singles and the rest turning playback for their movies.

While some musicians might have expressed their reservation against this, Sunidhi thinks everyone has the freedom to pursue his or her interest.

“Actors singing songs is not unfair at all. Things are not black and white. Everyone has the freedom to do what they feel like. If people are enjoying listening to them, which they are, there is nothing wrong.”

“Actors may feel the need to sing and that is fine according to me. If he or she is a good singer, it will show.

We are nobody to predict if the trend will die down or not.”

The 32-year-old “Kamli” singer, meanwhile, will be singing popular songs as a part of Radio City’s “Gig City”, which is a live radio concert.

Sunidhi says through live-radio concerts, an artist reaches out to an audience base which doesn’t necessarily come to watch live performances.

“We have lots of people who don’t, or can’t afford to go to live shows. Through radio, we can reach out to millions at the same time, at their own place and environment.

“Plus, it will give them the feel of listening live. This in turn, may make them think that live shows of an artist should be supported. For us, it is not only just playback singing but also live performances that matter.


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