Here’s why IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan stops fans from commenting on ‘blowing kiss’ photo


IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan exactly knows how to impress her fans on social media with her cute and quirky photos and videos. She’s also one of the very few young civil servants in the country who appears to have mastered the art of work-life balance.  A testament to this was her series of social media posts over the weekend showing her spending quality time with husband Athar Amir Khan and clearing the pending files in his office.

Tina Dabi Khan

Photo: Instagrammed by Tina Dabi KhanIn the first couple of photos shared by Tina, the affable IAS topper was seen posing for the camera with her ‘photographer’ husband Athar. What made this click even more special was Tina’s decision to blow a kiss to her fans. Fearing backlash from fanatics on Instagram, the IAS topper from Delhi decided to disable the comment section for this photo.

Tina has had to share plenty of criticism from trolls ever since she topped the prestigious civil services exams in 2016. She had poured her heart out in her first-ever TEDx talk that she delivered at Delhi’s Hansraj College in October last year.

She had said, “I think I am probably the only topper of this prestigious examination, who was made to feel so bad about her success. And I think, that time, I realised for the first time how brutal, how non-forgiving, how non-understanding the Indian society can be. How one individual can be targeted and attacked for the entire system and structures that the Indian society lives in, survives in. And how easy it is for people to sit back comfortably in their homes and abuse somebody on the internet.”

Perhaps this explains why she did not want any more controversy for her otherwise cute photo with her IAS topper husband.

In her next post, Tina shared a full-length black-and-white photo of herself as she credited her ‘photographer’ husband for the click. She wrote while addressing her husband affectionately as ‘Khan Sahab,’ “Photo credits: Khan Sahab.” The photo evoked overwhelmingly positive reactions from her fans, most of whom appeared to have been smitten by her beauty once again. Responding to their comments, Tina wrote, “Thank you guys! I’m overwhelmed! ✨lots of love to you all!”

A day later, on Monday, Tina shared a glimpse of her ‘day’s work’ with her fans through a couple of videos. In the videos, she was seen signing important government files. Before anyone could question her haste in signing the government files, she clarified that those videos had been shot using the ‘time-lapse’ feature of mobile phone camera. She wrote, “Hi guys! Thank you all for such nice comments. I posted this video to give an insight into the routine work that we do. The video is in time-lapse mode so it might appear hurried 🙂 Best, Tina.”

Tina is arguably the most popular young IAS officer on Instagram, where she has amassed more than 3 lakh followers within one year of securing her first full-fledged posting as a civil servant. She’s currently posted as an SDM in Bhilwara in Rajasthan.




  1. I don’t understand why so much important to them… They are as normal as other couples…If you follow or share an army man..Or a shaurya Chakra awardee worth it….


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