Stones pelted at Shah Rukh Khan’s car in Ahmedabad, Assailants chanted Shah Rukh hai hai


Stones were pelted at Shah Rukh Khan’s car in Ahmedabad on Sunday morning.

According to reports, stones were pelted in the Gujarat’s business capital where the actor is currently shooting for his next release Raees.

There are no reports on whether Shah Rukh was inside the car.

The assailants also chanted Shah Rukh Hai Hai ( Down with Shah Rukh Khan) and Jai Shri Ram.

Earlier this month, the protesters belonging to the right-wing Hindu group VHP had protested against the shooting of his movie in Bhuj in Gujarat.

Shah Rukh in December last year had said that there was extreme intolerance in India.

He had said, “Just for symbolic gesture yes, if I have to. But, there’s intolerance, there’s an extreme intolerance. I think there’s growing intolerance. People just put words in the air even before thinking. And here’s a secular country. Here’s a country…We keep talking about modern India, we keep talking about progress and we keep talking about new India. Ours is a 25+ country, if we don’t allow our youngsters to be secular, they are not going to stand for it. It’s stupid to be intolerant. Being religious intolerant and not being secular is the worst crime you can do as a patriot.”

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Several prominent members of the ruling BJP had reacted angrily to his statement calling him anti-national.

(Photo: Bhaskar)


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