We are sorry for our coverage on controversial Om Swami


Self-proclaimed godman and a Hindu Mahasabha member, Om Swami, has continued to make headlines ever since he was kicked out of the reality show Bigg Boss.

Among his outrageous statements and acts included calling Salman Khan an ISI agent, blaming the Congress president Sonia Gandhi for his ouster from the reality show and indulging in shameful violence on a couple of TV programmes.

Om Swami

Swami is not new to seeking cheap publicity through violent acts. In September 2015, the controversial swami was involved in physically assaulting a woman panellist on a TV channel while taking part in a debate show on another controversial gorwoman Radhe Ma.

His recent antics notwithstanding, the national media has continued to invite him as a guest. On at least two shows, the baba resorted to violence, first by throwing a glass of water on the host and in another episode the discussion turning into an ugly battlefield.

Such ugly scenes used to be a hallmark of Pakistani TV channels and we in India laughed at them blaming them for being inexperienced and not fully evolved. Some of the recent occurrences involving this baba and our general obsession to secure TRP by inviting lowly individuals bereft of morality and outright bigots have meant that Indian channels have left their Pakistani counterparts way behind in dirty shenanigans.

We at Janta Ka Reporter had come into being for also showing the mainstream media a mirror on their shortcomings. Sadly on some occasions, Om Swami’s theatrics being one, we too fell victim to cheap thrills.

It’s never too late to correct your mistakes and, realising this, we’ve decided to boycott this baba and any individuals, notorious for seeking publicity through carefully crafted theatrics in future.

We’ve also removed all our previous contents involving Swami Om from our website and social media pages. This swami, dubbed as dhongi baba by Salman Khan, is no godman. He survives on making outrageous comments and draws sadistic pleasure from insulting women. Obvious traits of a hatemonger and misogynist.

I’m afraid there will not be any space for such people on our website, for this is not a reality show.


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