“Sony Entertainment’s talent director” says they don’t hire Muslim models fearing they could be terrorists, later clarifies


Social media platform Facebook on Wednesday faced a huge storm after a ‘talent director with Sony Music Entertainment’ allegedly told a Muslim applicant that the channel didn’t hire models from the community fearing they could be terrorists.


The parody account of Dr Subramanian Swamy, which has over a quarter million likes on Facebook, was the first to share this conversation.

Faced with considerable backlash on social media platform, Radhika Saini, later clarified that her account was hacked by  ‘Muslim community ha(c)kers.’

The applicant, a Noida-based Syed Salman Haider, had approached Saini on Facebook via private message asking, “Hello Ma’am, I am interested in a post I read regarding requirements of models for shoot.”

Saini, whose designation describes her as ‘Assistant Talent Hunt Director at Sony Music Entertainment,’ replied, “V dont cast muslims (sic).”

The applicant asked, “May I know the specific reason for that?”

Saini replied, “as they could be terririost that is why (sic).”

Social media users began to fervently share the screenshot of this reported conversation, prompting Saini to issue a clarification.

She wrote, “Some muslim community hakers are hacked my id and playing with my id now (sic)”

But before she posted her clarification, Saini, for mysterious reasons, also changed her designation on Facebook.

Her new designation (see below) describes her ‘Self Employed.’

Haider’s relative Shruti Hasan Ali posted the following on her Facebook page, ”

“Discrimination- is not new and this is appalling.
When the biggest actors in our country are Muslims, then why can’t a Muslim kid try for modelling? Is this the company policy or the assistant talent hunt director feels this way? Why are Muslims burdened with the stigma of being hand in glove with the terrorists? The real terrorists have won when the people of our country begin to feel like this.  That is their big plan. An army of disgruntled Muslim youth ready to fight against their own countries. So thank you ‘Radhika Saini’ for helping the terrorists out. Good job!! This is the plague that will engulf the world, however sad it is!”

Sony Entertainment has not commented on the perceived racist remarks made by an individual, who claims to be one of its senior employees.



Aside from being condemned from her controversial comments, Saini also received flak for her poor English language skills.

Many mocked her poor English and wondered who her English teacher was.

In one of her responses, Saini said, ” my dad proud on me as I am keeping terrorist away from civilization society people (sic).”




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