Sonam Kapoor calls former singer Abhijeet hypocrite after he called Shobha De ‘Besharm Budhia’


Former singer Abhijeet is news again for his cheap language targeted at another female. And his ‘besharm budhia’ jibe has evoked condemnation not just from the social media users but also from actor Sonam Kapoor, who called him a ‘hypocrite.’

Abhijeet had criticised writer Shobha De calling her ‘besharm Bidhiya (shameless old lady)’ because of her criticism for Indian athletes who had yet again failed to win laurels for the country at Rio Olympics.

Shobha had tweeted, “Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity.”

To which the right-wing former singer called her anti-national.

His tweet read, “Unstoppable shameless #बेशर्म बूढ़ीयाs .. abusing and cursing their own motherland, own children, own talents ..”

This appeared to have left Sonam incensed. The popular actor tweeted, “You’re such a hypocrite..”

This is not the first time Abhijeet has been found calling names to female social media users.

Not so long ago, he had launched a tirade against journalists on social media because they objected to his deliberate attempts to create law and order in the country through misinformation.

Two FIRs were filed in Delhi and Mumbai, but no action was taken against him because of perceived links with the ruling BJP government at the Centre.



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