Sonakshi Sinha takes dig at Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput and Sonam Kapoor with blunt Insta post?


Actor Sonakshi Sinha is rarely seen courting controversies as the Dabangg girl is known for calmly focussing on her work and, lately fitness. The actor’s latest Instagram posts gave us the idea on the spectacular transformation in her fitness.

The question is… do i wanna be seen or not? #camoswag

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This was in marked contrast to her plus size body in the past. The actor had often faced taunts from social media users as they dared her to pose in bikini in a bid to rudely remind her that she didn’t probably have the fitness to flaunt a swimwear. The actor had even shut up a troll, who had asked her to post a photo in a swimwear.

Sonakshi on Saturday took to Instagram to post a one-liner. She wrote, “Please don’t ask me any questions. Thank you and good night.” Whilst this appeared to be an innocuous message, this came just hours after Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput and Sonam Kapoor decided to answer their fans’ questions on Instagram. The headline of Instagram interaction of Shahid and Sonam with their fans had read,”Ask me anything.” So, Sonakshi’s ‘Don’t ask me anything’ is being seen as a direct response to ‘Ask me anything’ or Shahid Kapoor ‘ask anything you want to ask’ that caused plenty of buzz on social media on Friday.

Sonakshi Sinha

While answering one of the questions, Sonam had said why she loved Pakistan adding that she did not hate any group of people based on their religion. This was in response to a question if she loved Muslims. Sonam had replied, “I love People of all faiths and beliefs! That’s what Hinduism preaches.”

The questions answered by Mira had included ‘what are the three things she cannot live without’ and ‘if she has ever tried chicken.’ Mira said that she could not live without her family, sleep and paneer. And on chicken, the affable lady replied that she was a vegetarian and had never even tried chicken.

Among other questions, Mira had also answered whether she would prefer to have a boy or a girl as she goes through the final stage of her pregnancy. She said, “Don’t know and doesn’t matter.” From her Q&A session, we also learnt that the last song Mira had listened to was Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen. The lady from Delhi then told us how she missed hanging out with friends in Hauz Khas Village. Between maggi and golgappa, she spoke in favour of the former.

Here are some replies of Shahid as part of his interaction on Instagram.






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