So-called ‘casting director’ sends dirty messages to TV actor Reena Aggarwal for role in Game of Thrones


A popular Indian TV actor, Reena Aggarwal, has made stunning allegations stating that a person claiming to be the casting director of Game of Thrones made indecent proposal to her for a lead role in the next season of the TV drama.

Reena Aggarwal
Reena Aggarwal

Kya Haal Mr Paanchal fame actor Reena Aggarwal has made her WhatsApp conversation with one Nina Gold public. As reported by entertainment website, the person claiming to be the casting director contacted her first with the message, “Hi, this is Nina Gold- Casting Director. I am casting for the next season of Game of Thrones and we are on a last minute casting hunt for a lead character of a princess. Let me know if you’d be interested? It’s a 64 days schedule from 28th July 2018 in Iceland/Ireland/Croatia and Switzerland. It’s an extreme last minute casting. That’s why I have personally texted you instead of my assistants. Do let me know on priority.”

Reena reportedly received the message from a UK mobile number +4474441955455 on Friday night. Sensing the offer too good to be true, Reena asked, “From where did you get my reference?” To which the self-claimed casting director replied, “I’ve a team that sources profiles via various agencies/artists and sources. This is my registered number and email with all acting/casting unions, have shared my work profile. It’s a requirement of an Indian princess and a last minute casting hence instead of my assistants you are directly hearing from me.” The person then ended the message demanding to know immediately if she was interested. In an abrupt tone, the suspicious casting director asked, “Interested? Not interested?”

The person on the other end then went on to ask Reena if she was comfortable in kissing saying nobody was ‘saint.’ Reena was asked, “Since how long are you married?” Another question was “When did you last kiss someone beside (apart) from your husband?” Reena said, “Two days back.” “And who did you kiss?” the person claiming to be Nina Gold asked. Reena replied, “A friend of mine.” Reena was then asked if the kiss was work related. To which she replied, “No just like that.”

Then she was asked to mention five things Reena had done similar to that of Game of Throne character, which, according to the person, was a bold one. By this time, it appears that Reena had run out of patience. She replied bluntly, “Except saving the kingdom, almost everything I guess.”

This visibly irked the person, who said that Reena was wasting her time. An angry Reena then concluded, “Yes bitch, Of course I am pretending. You think I am fool, who will answer your shitty questions seriously? Get a life and get a better job.”

Here are screenshots of her WhatsApp conversations with the self-claimed casting director. (Source:



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