Singer Abhijeet accused of molestation, FIR filed


Oshiwara police station in Mumbai on Thursday night filed an FIR against controversial singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya onna complaint from a 34-year old woman, who accused him of molesting her.

According to complaint, the woman, an Andheri resident, had gone to watch the live performance of Kailash Kher at Lokhandwala Durga Pandal of which Abhijeet is one of the organisers.

Shr said that she, along with others, were made to vacate theit seats because of over crowding.

The victim in her complaint to the police alleged that it’s while standing she felt Abhijeet’s hands touching her inappropriately.

She said the singer began to shout and ill treated her when she objected to Abhjieet’s alleged misbehaviour.

He allegedly asked the women volunteers to take her to the Pandal office where she was threatened by the singer again before he asked the volunteers to ‘throw her out.’

Abhijeet, however, denies these allegations.

“It’s crowd management. Police and security do their job. Gate crash and nuisance is the main factor. We are also aware of anti Hindu forces/ terrorist threats and sabotage of this Hindu Durga Puja. And that is working well for them,” he was quoted by Indian Express.


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