Siddharth Shukla’s on-screen mother confirms Rashami Desai’s allegations, reveals past


Siddharth Shukla’s on-screen mother Vaishnavi Mahant has sensationally confirmed allegations made by Rashami Desai inside the Bigg Boss show about the former’s behaviour as a bully. One of Rashami Desai’s fan pages has shared a video of Mahant, who played the role of Siddharth’s mother in Dil Se Dil Tak. In the video, Vaishnavi is seen talking about Siddharth’s behaviour during the shooting of Dil Se Dil Tak also featuring Rashami Desai in a lead role.

Vaishnavi is heard saying, “He had a problem with a male co-star. He, Siddharth, even misbehaved with him. In my opinion, Siddharth was to be blamed here. That boy (Siddharth’s co-star) was doing his work and Siddharth would deliberately use dirty language against him on the sets in front of everyone. He (Siddharth) would make fun of his mannerisms and acting. That boy (Siddharth’s co-star) wasn’t a newcomer. He had acted before. So, I thought that was unprofessional (on Siddharth Shukla’s part) because that boy later refused to work with Siddharth.”

Siddharth had exhibited exactly the same behavioural traits inside the Bigg Boss house last week. Siddharth was seen continuously making fun of Rashami by teasing her with aisi ladki (such type of girl) remarks. He was seen using the words repeatedly every time Rashami came in his sight. Later in the programme, Siddharth had launched a physical assault on Rashami’s friend Arhaan and tore his shirt.

Host Salman Khan had later admonished Rashami after Siddharth showed the Bollywood megastar his place. Salman’s helplessness in dealing with Siddharth’s violence throughout this season has prompted many to conclude that the Bollywood megastar may be compelled by limitations since he has a lot to lose financially if he decided to go against his employer, Colors TV. Last week, several media reports claimed that Salman had begun admonishing Siddharth when he allegedly received a message in his earpiece. This, according to reports, prompted him to change his tone as he shifted his anger towards Rashami, who was the aggrieved party in the last week’s fight.

Earlier this week, Rashami was heard confiding in Arhaan Khan by claiming that Siddharth was sacked twice (from Dil Se Dil Tak show). “Once, he returned because of the channel, while on the other occasion he had to apologise…He would also harass another co-star. That also caused quite a lot of issues prompting the TV channel to hold two meetings,” Rashami had told Arhaan.

Both Rashami and Siddharth started this season of Bigg Boss with bitter fights. Salman Khan had told Rashami over the weekend to sort out their past hinting that both of them may have been in a romantic relationship.



  1. This is demonisation of Siddharth Shukla for nothing except jealousy … Rashami ihas told her idiotic boyfriend that she is going to destroy Siddharth before BB ends and if failed she will continue on the outside. You ugly people leave this man alone. Have a life or try improving your life than destroying other people ‘s life. We love Shukla there is nothing bad about in soul and spirit. Bye London reasons

  2. I hate Rashmi..she uses lot of filthy language.she is a flop drama queen..just playing woman card..she even pushed Mahira yesterday..she should be thrown out of BB…

  3. Why BB pet Shouting SHUKLA given so much freedom and not being reprimanded. Everytime he cannot be right. Very BIASED show. All trash n slums people behaviour. No use voting. Stopped watching.

  4. Seriously, I am fed up with all this. Siddharth behaves like this (non sense , stupidity) at this age. Samajh dari aur age experience Naam ki bhi to koi chij honi chahiye. Itne sali me aap ne kya sikha kya hai, bas jhagada aur abusive words use karna, taunt karna, unnecessary poke karna, oh my god ,Itna to smajhdari hona hi chahiye tha, ya fir as hi Jana chahiye tha .
    About Asim , I can understand ki he is too young,( young people jaldi gussa ho jaye h, ya fir Bina soche smjhe react krte h) to fir thoda thik h chalo.
    I like Siddharth, but now I can say ( for his behaviour) Don’t like him . even don’t want to watch the show .
    Rashmi Ko drama queen smjhti thi, but us k liye ab man me ek apna pan as Gaya h.
    It happened first time for me, ki main BB episode dekh ke roti hu, sirf aur sirf Rashmi k liye. Kyuki vo kya face kr rhi g ya kya taklif jhel Rahi hogi Apne aap me hi, vo shayad main thoda smjh skti hu.

    Sach kahu to ab BB me mujhe koi pasand hi nhi.
    Bas Salman Khan sir k liye hi ye show dekh rhi hu.
    Aur Shehnaj to my god kitna pakati h, yeda ban k peda khane Vali hmmmmmmmm. Mahira to bas chilllane ki dukaaaaaaan, jiski awaj sunne k liye Kaan jhule rakhne ki koi jarurat hi nahi band kr lo to bhi sunaiyi dega hi


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