Did Siddharth Shukla’s ‘friend’ Paras Chhabra issue ‘rape threats’ to Asim Riaz’s sister? Angry fans contact Mumbai Police for action


The goings-on in the Bigg Boss house have taken a dangerous twist after fans of Asim Riaz sensationally alleged that Siddharth Shukla’s new ‘friend’ Paras Chhabra had issued rape threats to the former’s sister. The latest allegation assumes significance in light of a full-blown fight between Asim and Paras inside the Bigg Boss house last week.

Siddharth Shukla

The fight between Asim and Paras had even dominated the proceedings during the Weekend Ka Vaar hosted by Salman Khan. During the fight, Asim had lost his cool and charged at Paras in anger saying that he will not tolerate such comments against his sister. However, since Colors TV had beeped out the objectionable words, it wasn’t clear as to what exactly was uttered by Paras.

Asim’s fans have now taken to Twitter alleging that the objectionable words uttered by Paras were the rape threats for the former’s sister. Many attacked Colors TV for ‘normalising’ crimes against women while others lashed out at female contestants such as Mahira Sharma, Aarti Singh and Shefali Jariwala for either supporting Paras for his insulting comments for Asim Riaz or choosing to look the other way when asked to take a stand. Some fans have also tagged the Mumbai Police seeking action against Paras.

Asim’s brother Umar Riaz lashed out at Siddharth Shukla for supporting Paras despite the latter issuing rape threats to his sister. He wrote, “See Sidharth shamelessly supporting paras. They both compliment each other. What a disgrace!” Umar had earlier said that Paras was lucky that Asim did not punch him.

Here’s how Asim’s fans have reacted with astonishing allegations against Paras.

Salman Khan and Colors TV have come under severe attack from Bigg Boss fans for condoning the ‘bullying’ behaviour of Siddharth Shukla and people close to him such as Paras and Mahira.


  1. I just hate shukla now poke bhi karta hai aur shareef bhi ban jata hai rashmi ko kahta hai ke woman card play ker rahi hai kud kya ker raha hai “sympathy card play “. Rashmi ne pehlay kaha tha kay mein sid kay baray mein kuch nahi batana chahti (IN THE PAST FIGHTS) lakin jub sukla ne lari mein usse ye kaha ke ”mein nay tujhey apnay ghar per bolana band ker diya hai ” (in wrong way) tab baat uss kay character per aai phur rashmi nay bhi uss ke personal life kay baray mein bola warna woh kabhi ma bolti .

  2. Oh, the makers of Bigg Boss. For TRP of your channel why are you fighting between them in the house. There is now a politics in the house, with the help of politics you have given some special powers to somebodies, it is shown in the hands of Shiddarth and Paras. If you want to win either Shiddarth and Paras then get out all the contestants from the house and give trophy to one of both. Contestants are playing very dirty but Bigg Boss is playing more dirty game than the contestants. In name the punishment only nomination is on Shiddarth who croses all the limits of the house. If you cannot control the contestants, remove the show from TV forever. Because who is waiting to see the contestants. Although people are waiting to have Salman Sir obviously. I request makers of the show stop the partiality like our government. After partiality what is happening in the country what is exact seen in the Bigg Boss house.

  3. No police will arrest Shukla, Sid ayesa larka hai , honesty, truth and speak and fight for right doesn’t talk behind back. Just love you Sid ,keep up.

  4. Salman Khan is biased. He always favour Sid. Who the hell is Sid just a bull shit. Now a days I don’t want to see Salman Khan. Always shouting at Asim n Rashmi. Audience can see clearly that Bigboss n color TV support Sid coz he is the color TV actor. So many time Sid and Paras said so many abusive words n criminal minded words but no action has been taken. Maa/ BAAP/Rape what the f..k is bigbosss. Third class always supporting Sid n Paras. Remove Paras n Mahira. They are no use. We have seen last 9 seasons Bigboss. So nice n so enjoyable decent this time color channel n SK all the crew members are faltu n bull shit. This shows that Sid is clearly winning the Bigboss trophy by favourism. Bull shit to Bigboss. Color TV.


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