Siddharth Shukla threatens to quit Bigg Boss after prolonged fight with Asim Riaz


Siddharth Shukla has sensationally threatened to quit Bigg Boss competition just when the reality show has entered its final leg. This was after Siddharth Shukla was seen pushing Asim Riaz during a heated exchange of words on Monday night.

Siddharth Shukla

The fight became so ugly that even Bigg Boss had to intervene and call both of them to the confession room, where Siddharth was seen pulling his hair in exasperation. He stunned Bigg Boos by announcing that he wanted to quit the show.

This is the first time that Siddharth has confessed to quitting the competition. There’s nothing new about his fight with Asim, but seldom did he express his desire to quit the show in the past.

Meanwhile, social media is abuzz with rumours that Bigg Boss has punished Asim by stripping him off his Elite Club membership as punishment for pushing Siddharth on Monday night. Asim, however, claimed that it was Siddharth, who pushed him first and dragged his father’s name once again during the fight.

Asim’s fans on social media too claimed that Colors TV had deliberately edited the show in a bid to hide the number of times Siddharth had pushed the former.

Monday night’s episode also saw Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif playing neutral and not taking Siddharth’s side. Most of Siddharth’s frustration appeared to have been caused by the fact that Shehnaaz was ignoring him.

Bigg Boss is likely to pronounce his punishment on Tuesday night.


  1. Asim has instgated a d provoked Siddharth to fight with him. Asim has also not judged the task and has given a wrong decision for Vishal. Even Asim ihas first pushed Siddharth..Asim shud be given a strict punishment for instigating siddharth again a d agin.

  2. Asim was told to be seen in the show by Salman. What is the only way to be seen? Start targeting Siddhartha Shukla and fight with him. Asim would not survive in this show ethout Siddhartha.

  3. You guys are completely loco! To imagine a man of Shukla’s status to be frustrated that a silly child behaving woman Sana was ignoring him , hence he wants to quit BB ? You are the most fraudulent writer on this page. Shukla told Sana to leave his bed and go sleep elsewhere, Sana refused , just like a cheap desparete woman would. Then what happens? Terrorist asim pokes him all day after cheating his team on a task! Shukla and all of us London viewers also go fed up with BB stressing Shukla. In fact Shukla was relieved Sana flipped. Shukla knows asim, Sana and all BB are using him to stay on in the game . The rest of them except for Paras and Mahira are bloody termites. They are eating Shukla up! And like any matured and an intelligent man Shukla has had enough.
    . Grow up little brains. If you don’t have true facts to write then please desist. Ugly spirited minions.

  4. First shukla pushed and take asims father name we clearly see big boss is very biased very bad big boss is a full of shit taking only favour if siddharth for trp

  5. Siddharth is a very aggressive violent n a arrogant man I don’t like him bringing asims father in between n pushing him Siddharth must be punished for this should be thrown out of the show

  6. Sidhart Shukla ek pagal nafsiysti Hy drugs le le k pagloot hua Hy . Sab se larta Hy .Bigg boss. Ko chahiye k Sidhart Shukla. Ko nikal de . Or Mahira shrma ek laraka larki Hy khud kisi Kam ki nhi srf Sharon k Bal pr yahan Tak ai Hy bare Honton ki chipkalli

  7. Sidharth Shukla “POKED” Asim first cant you guys clearly see that? During the task when Asim said he disagreed with Arti’s task, shukla is the one who started laughing and said “Sympathy” le raha hai to Asim when clearly Asim was not even talking to him. So he poked Asim and then Asim retaliated and he couldnt take that. Stop being so bias and know the truth.

  8. Biggboss a big biased show#being Salman khan a big biased man #supported the most frustrated man Nd the damaad of colours tv


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