Siddharth Shukla slapped on face by Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif


In a shocking turn of event, Shehnaaz Gill, who has often claimed to be the Katrina Kaif of Punjab, on Sunday night slapped Siddharth Shukla on his face. The promo broadcast by Colors TV showed Shehnaaz slapping her ‘friend’ Siddharth after being teased by him.


Going by the promotional video, Shehnaaz’s extraordinary act left Siddharth utterly shocked as he wasn’t expecting her to resort to a physical assault against him. In the video, Shehnaaz is seen warning Siddharth to stay within his limits before slapping him on his cheek. “You are making me cry a lot,” Shehnaaz is heard saying before slapping Siddharth.

Earlier in the show, Siddharth was seen teasing Shehnaaz by dragging Mahira Sharma in the conversation. It appears that Siddharth was teasing Shehnaaz by calling her jealous. Siddharth is seen asking Shehnaaz why she was so jealous seemingly of his friendship with Mahira.

Earlier, Bigg Boss host Salman Khan had informed her that Siddharth gave more importance to Mahira even though he pretended to be a close friend of Shehnaaz. Salman had added that Siddharth even followed Mahira to the washroom to apologise to her in the past when the latter was upset with him.

Shehnaaz was visibly sad during the show on Sunday night particularly after Kangana Ranaut and Jassi Gill entered the house. Shehnaaz was heard saying that she had met someone from her state Punjab after a long time.

She was later heard informing Madhurima Tuli that contestants in the Bigg Boss house were fake and that made her emotional.

It’s not clear how Siddharth has reacted to being slapped by Shehnaaz, who was seen showing traits of violent behaviour during the show. At one point she was seen throwing things around and at Siddharth in a fit of anger.


  1. Shenaz is being unnecessarily being hyper and frustrating.hats off to Siddharth unlike paras ,inspite of being very fond of shehnaz he has kept his hands off her and repeatedly told her that there are 100 cameras and we are on national TV
    I respect such guys who respect and treat women respectfully.shehnaaz must trust his feelings and not be jealouse.she is looking very frustrating.I respect sid who took her slaps and kicks jokingly because he really cares for her.unlike paras who pushed Mahira and Vishal who made a big thing re Mahira.This shows the well upbringing of Siddharth.If shehnaaz can’t take little joke and teasing and wants a puppy following her then she is aiming for wrong guy. Or all the attention and caring of siddharth has made her spineless.Who is true shehnaaz?


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