Siddharth Shukla says his ‘worst’ memory in Bigg Boss was Asim’s betrayal, exit of Himanshi Khurana aka Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai was most painful experience for Asim Riaz


Siddharth Shukla on Saturday night revealed that the worst memory for him inside the  Bigg Boss house was to see Asim Riaz’s alleged betrayal. He made the revelation after Shilpa Shetty asked contestants to share their best and worst experiences during this season of Colors TV’s popular reality show. Asim, for his part, said that his worst memory was to see Himanshi Khurana, who claimed to be Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai, leave the house.

Siddharth Shukla

Asim had made his feelings clear for Himanshi repeatedly during his stay in the house. He formally proposed to Himanshi after she entered the house the second time to support Asim. Himanshi also revealed how she had split with her fiance after she was evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Asim on Saturday night had also proved why he’s become an internet sensation. This was after he exposed Siddharth Shukla’s selfishness by revealing a fact, which has been a secret up until now. Asim did so in front of actress Shilpa Shetty, who entered the house on Saturday night.

Recalling an incident when he had won in the Sultani Akhada, Asim said that the latter was dejected after losing to him. Since both enjoyed close friendship then, Asim said that he wasn’t comfortable seeing the disappointment on his best friend’s face. According to him, he approached Siddharth and handed over his winner’s medal to Siddharth saying that  ‘this is for you brother.’

As expected, he earned instant plaudits from Twitterati who hailed him for his magnanimity.

Bigg Boss will enter its finale week on Monday. Both Siddharth and Asim are strong favourites to win the reality show. But the makers have been exposed on more than one occasion for their biases in favour of Siddharth.


  1. Aur kitna Dil jitoge Asim. Salute standing ovation n a big round of thunderous applause from all your loyal Jabra die hard hard-core fans. Maashaallah subhanallah Chashmebaddoor Nazar na Lage noore nazar LoL ??♥️


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