New twist as Siddharth Shukla ‘out’ of Bigg Boss house after facing wrath from Salman Khan


In a dramatic development on Sunday night, Siddharth Shukla left the Bigg Boss house. This was after he faced the music from host Salman Khan, who had expressed his displeasure on his violent behaviour. However, in a fresh twist, Siddharth will be placed in a secret room from where he will be keeping an eye on the proceedings of the reality show.

Siddharth Shukla

Much to his pleasant surprise, Paras Chhabra too will join him. Both will be seen taking potshots at the housemates.

Siddharth’s departure followed the entry of Vikas Gupta, who was a finalist of the competition in its 11th edition. Siddharth was seemingly disturbed by Salman’s shouting for his violent behaviour on Saturday night. He was seen speaking to a camera explaining his stand.

Himanshi left the competition on Sunday night after Salman said that she had polled the least number of votes along with Shefali Jariwala. Salman had later left it to the housemates to choose one contestant who they thought did not deserve to be in the house. Majority of the housemates felt Shefali was a stronger contestant. Asim Riaz and Shehnaaz Gill had voted in favour of Himanshi.

After Salman left the show, Siddharth and Asim were seen engaged in another round of heated argument. After Asim accused him of double-standards, Siddharth was seen rolling on the floor to sarcastically apologise to Asim.

Salman had also reminded Siddharth on Saturday that he had not paid heed to his advice. He had asked Siddharth if he understood the difference between ‘temper’ and ‘anger.’ He was heard saying, “Isko samjhane ka koi matlab hi nahi hai. Mai iske muh hi nahi lagna chahta. I don’t want to waste my energy.

Earlier, Salman entered the house to console Rashami Desai, who was stunned by the revelation that Arhaan Khan had a secret child from his previous marriage. It appears that after Salman’s counselling, she was feeling better and her relationship with Arhaan is back on track now.




  1. This season is too much partial. BB13 is partial. Earlier we love to watch bb but now by watching the partiality towards shukla paras and shehnaz gill we just wish to switch off our tv. It looks like bb is pre planned and those three r favourites of bb so bb has became blind or bb thinks the audience r fool. Worst show i have ever seen before too much of partiality. If bb is a fair then he would send asim in secret room instead of paras. Worst show.

  2. Watching Shukla, Paras and Shenaj is pain. On the top of Mahira is so so irritating and not worth having in the show. Shenaj is the most cunning.

  3. Siddhart shukla, Shenaz, Mahira and Paras – one of them should have gone out. I don’t understand why Shukla is still there in BB. He has been the worst person in the house,shaking his head, abusing everybody and also being very violent. I don’t understand why BB is favouring him so much. His behaviour is unbearable. The way he laughs and shakes his head is very irritating. He is there for TRP


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