Siddharth Shukla out of Bigg Boss competition, shifted to hospital as his condition worsens


In a huge development, Siddharth Shukla left the Bigg Boss house on Thursday night and was taken to a hospital after his condition worsened. This was announced by Colors TV during the Thursday night’s show. In the promo broadcast by Colors TV, Bigg Boss was heard informing Siddharth that his condition had shown no sign of improvement and he needed to leave the game so that he could be shifted to a hospital for further treatment.

Siddharth was earlier diagnosed with typhoid and had to be taken out of the house. He was, however, shifted to a secret room. However, as the Colors TV’s promo said, Siddharth’s condition had not shown any improvement prompting the makers of the show to shift him to a hospital.

Earlier, Siddharth Shukla was upset with his ‘friend’ Shehnaaz Gill after the latter was seen confiding in Hindustani Bhau about her conversation with the former regarding their nomination strategy.  Siddharth told Paras that Shehnaaz was easily swayed and got influenced by anyone who sweet-talked her.

“I don’t understand this. Sana on Asim’s bed. I don’t get this,” Siddharth was heard telling Paras. Siddharth also took potshots at Hindustani Bhau for his alleged double standard alleging that he spoke badly about Asim in his absence but became a friend on his face.

Siddharth also addressed Shehnaaz as ‘gadhi (donkey)’ for her childish behaviour. At one point he was heard telling Paras, “donon gadhi hain (both Shehnaaz and Mahira are donkeys).”

Siddharth was so hurt by Shehnaaz’s behaviour that he kept attacking her all through the show. At one point Shehnaaz was seen advising Mahira to not entertain Vishal Aditya Singh’s advancement saying that the latter was deliberately warming up to her to hurt his ex-girlfriend Madhurima Tuli.

At this point, Siddharth joked that Shehnaaz was trying to express her own feelings for Vishal. This evoked a loud laughter from Paras.





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