Siddharth Shukla luckily escapes Salman Khan’s wrath before he questions his own mother inside Bigg Boss house


Salman Khan on Saturday came close to showing Siddharth Shukla his place in the Bigg Boss house after the latter appeared to test his patience. But, Siddharth was spared in the last minute following his clarification. The Weekend Ka Vaar episode also saw Siddharth questioning his own mother’s inputs about him during her last visit. He was heard telling Paras Chhabra if his mother had lied to him about his reputation outside the house. He said this while seething in anger.

Siddharth Shukla

Salman was in conversation with Shehnaaz over the fixed deposit controversy when he saw Siddharth passing comments to Asim. A visibly angry Salman asked Siddharth, “Siddharth, what are you doing Siddharth? What are you doing?”

Asim said that Siddharth was poking him in front of the Bollywood megastar. Siddharth defended his act to provoke Asim in front of Salman. Although Salman did not say anything to the controversial contestant, who is known for violent and abusive behaviour, Salman’s expression said it all. He was clearly not impressed with his behaviour in his presence.

He contradicted Siddharth by siding with Asim and Shehnaaz Gill on the interpretation of fixed deposit. Siddharth had raised the issue claiming the reference of fixed deposit for Arti Singh was made with a dirty motive. Salman disagreed and said that fixed deposit did not have any dirty connotation inside the Bigg Boss house.

“Asim, your intention is never wrong, but the way you make your points, this comes across as wrong.” Asim apologised for his attitude and said he will be careful.

Earlier Salman had publicly chided Siddharth for abusing Asim Riaz’s father. Salman expressed his displeasure on more than one occasion over Siddharth using abusive language for Asim Riaz’s father. Without naming Siddharth, Salman said that contestants were showing their ‘level’ by abusing a contestant’s father.


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