Siddharth Shukla left stunned after Arti Singh tells him to ‘fu** off’ in Salman Khan’s presence, earns plaudits from Twitterati


Arti Singh has lived under the shadow of Siddharth Shukla for the most part of her stay in the Bigg Boss house in the ongoing edition of the reality show. She often faced accusations of having no independent strategy in the game. However, she was a different person on Sunday night when host Salman Khan interacted with the housemates during the Weekened Ka Vaar episode. Enraged by Siddharth Shukla’s betrayal, Arti lost her cool and bluntly told the former to ‘fu** off.’ She is now being hailed by Twitterati for mustering the courage to stand up to Siddharth’s bullying tactics.

This was after Salman raised the issue of Siddharth saving Paras Chhabra from this week’s eviction in the jail task last week. Siddharth reiterated his earlier stand that he was indebted by Paras, who had saved him during the chess task earlier in the competition. He also told Salman that had he not saved Paras, he would have struggled to choose between Arti and Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif since both are his close friends.

This did not go down well Shehnaaz, who grilled Siddharth later reminding him about his repeated claims that the contestant from Punjab was always his top priority. Arti, for her part, was less bitter and sounded fairly reasonably even during her conversation with Salman. She highlighted instances when Siddharth had come to her rescue.

However, Siddharth did not appear happy over facing grilling for his decision to save Paras and decided to lash out at Arti by asking her to ‘fu** off.’ Incensed by Siddharth’s abusive language, Arti stunned everyone by angrily retorting to Siddharth’s abuse and asked him to ‘fu** off.’ This came as a rude shock to Siddharth, who’s grown used to insulting Arti repeatedly during his stay inside the Bigg Boss house.

In an earlier episode, Arti had told Siddharth that whilst she understood why he had the urge to return Paras’ favour, but asked if Paras would have been able to move the chess piece bearing Siddharth’s name forward had she and Shehnaaz not moved them forward earlier.

Arti Singh is the sister of Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show.

As expected, Arti received plenty of praise from Twitterati on the microblogging site.

Essentially, what Arti and Shehnaaz were implying that without their help even Paras wouldn’t have been able to save Siddharth. This left Siddharth speechless as he desperately looked for a suitable response.

This was after Asim had embarrassed Siddharth by asking why he had not saved Arti, who’s been supporting him all through the competition. Asim had called Siddharth a cheater. Paras, on the other hand, was seen crying at the generosity of Siddharth.


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  2. Saw yesterday’s episode of BB13. Pretty disappointed.

    I was dissapointed with 2 things:
    1) Why did Siddharth has to clarify his decision of saving Paaras with anybody in the house?

    2) Why would Aarti & Shenaaz has any problem with Siddharth’s decision?

    Both of them are 2 dumb & duffers, played there game under Siddharth’s shadow.

    Now they are questioning his stand?


    Both Shenaaz & Aarti doesn’t deserve to stay in the house anymore. But it seems, people are liking them too much.

    Same goes for Paaras & Mahira also.

    Guys please be sensible!!!

    The top 3 contestants has to be Rashmi, Siddharth & Asim.

    But am sure of top 2 contestants which remains the same for me, but on the 3rd contestant that is, Asim, I have doubts.

    Anyways, whosoever will be the 3rd contestant, it shouldn’t be among Aarti, Mahira, Shenaaz or Paaras.

  3. Arti us. Poor looser.did she really think she wl win.haha.Te sid he has a right to get angry ,he has not come to babysit both the girls. Enough is wrong word everyone is after him,this show today is only for sid.

  4. Arti u have shown true colours.Sid showed what he is.but u are a chameleon,changing colours.Sid did not save sana because out of longfriendship with u and respect and he knew sana does not need him to win .?But u are pathetic.calling him names.useless least paras accepted gratitude.Sid saved u twice.yr putting 1,2payada is not winning ,final winning payada was put by paras.Much better not to have a friend like u.

  5. How can a person like Siddharth be a winner! He has physically assaulted Asim. which we have all witnessed. He has always instigated Asim. He has fought with all the contestants in the house. He has abused the women in the house whether it is Rashmi, Shenaz, Arti, Mahira or even Himanshi. He has called Shenaz gadhi, dimag nahi hai, moti, etc. Arti has spoken against him only now. But it appears that BB is hell bent on declaring him the winner.
    I would want Rashmi to win this show. She has been strong. She has always opposed Siddharth ‘s bullying from the beginning. The way she faced the press was admirable She did not hesitate to tell BB what she thought about him.
    I also support Asim. I think he is honest, fearless and the most handsome person in the house. He has also stood up against the bully of the house.

  6. Everyone forgot that Arti said I will move for the one who will save me and it was sid who moved the chess piece first saving Arti. Sana got upset about it. And she started fighting with sid. Then sana saved sid and same did arti. It makes sense that instead of wasting vote on mahira paras moved sid chess last. Why this fighting for?? Why making sid look so bad?? We are watching from Europe and our point of view is different from yours. Asim wanted arti to be saved coz he knows arti is weak and it would be easier for the first whoever 3 to win the show very easily. This was his strategy This is called double game and now he is using the relationship between sid and arti to fight his fight. And about sid arguing with Asim, abusing or insulting, did anyone noticed that who ever comes in the house praises sid, asim face impressions changed and that is when there is big argument between them two! He knows how and when to trigger sid’s patience. Sending our love to Sid from the uk.


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