Siddharth Shukla finally faces payback moment as Asim Riaz makes ‘cry baby’ jibe for TV actor’s late father


After repeatedly dragging Asim Riaz’s father into Bigg Boss house fights, Siddharth Shukla has finally faced a payback moment of sorts. This was after Asim allegedly made a ‘cry baby’ jibe for Siddharth’s late father. If the promo broadcast by Colors TV is anything to go by, then Siddharth and Asim have fought one more time during a weekly task.

Siddharth Shukla

According to the promo, Asim had allegedly told Siddharth, “Cry baby hoga tera baap (Your father is a cry baby.)” This was allegedly in response to Siddharth addressing Asim as a cry baby. Asim making a ‘cry baby’ jibe for Siddharth’s late father did not go down well with Aarti Singh, who was seen lashing out at the former.

In the past, Siddharth has abused Asim’s father on innumerable occasions. On almost all occasions, Asim was seen controlling his anger even in the face of extreme provocations and refused to drag Siddarth’s father in the fight. On several occasions, Asim was even seen reminding Siddharth about his late father.

The topic had evoked angry reactions from host Salman Khan, who had to remind housemates to not drag families during fights.

Asim’s fans, however, felt that the former ought to have said more to Siddharth about his father to ensure that he never repeated his earlier acts of dragging contestants’ family members during the fights.

Meanwhile, the weekly luxury budget task had to be cancelled reportedly due to a fight between Vishal Aditya Singh and Shefali Jariwala. In the video broadcast by Colors TV, Shefali was seen showing to injuries sustained by Vishal.


    • This is bullshit don’t keep targeting Sidharth Shukla only for dragging Asims father just because Makers weir and remove Asims abusive words to Sidharths father and sisters you’re only speaking on what ha been aired on national tv where as the peomo shows Asim abusing Sidharths father and sisters as well don’t make Sidharth a villain

  1. Asim be first time tera baap Bola toh Shukla ke favour me articles as Gaye aur Aarti Ka clip highligh ho Gaya and jab Shukla me etne Baar Asim ke jinda baap ko beech me laya toh BB ke content makers ne Kuch promo me Nahi dikhayaa,wowwwww. ALL CREDIT GOES TO MANISHA JI. SERIOUSLY THE LIMIT OF FAVOURISM IS VERY HIGH THIS TIME

  2. Its not that asian doesn’t fight with sid, what pay back now asian is more confused, he doesn’t know kiski dosti rakhe,stupid fellow, if he friends with rashmi, that’s his down fall.

  3. Asim Riaz has no basics and he seems to be most repulsive character in BB13 ? .We have very little liking for this low profile man and his comments on Siddharth Shukla is a bogus sort of thing and not acceptable. We know that Asim Riaz will be evicted very soon for his rough temperament and duel characteristics.He is the most worthless piece ? of product from his family.

  4. Why this hue and cry Siddharth has got what he wanted Asim trapped …now both have spoken about their families so it’s equal now…..what about take rules understanding literally Siddharth has to read again and again to make understand everybody about the conditions of the task that makes class apart from other contestants….. opposite team was planning to demean Sid but Sid was planning to win the task

  5. Have anyone seen Rashmi and Asim talk anything healthy in the house always their target is to let Sid down in one way or the other but they forget to understand that Sid alone is enough to give it back to then he does not need to plot against anyone!!!
    Yes as far as task is concerned he has good knowledge how to win it and he hides his team very well and they always win it!!! He never thinks to bring the other team down with dirty politics!!!
    Rashmi has a wicked mind so do Asim!!!

  6. Yesterday’s episode Rashmi was seen folding hands and doing the same thing Sid does !!! Earlier this team were laughing at Shefali saying sangat ka asar!!! So now Rashmi did the same in front of Mahira ,so that means she too follows Sid ???!!! Pity!!! Now it’s all fine!!!

  7. Sidharth ko apnay” LATE FATHER “tab tu yaad nahi aye jab uss ne asim kay father ko bola “TERA BAAP KUTTA” Very sad to see that audience still supporting him asim is much better than him kam say kam woh girls ke respect tu kerta hai jab kuch galti hoti hai tu sorry bhi bolta hai phir chahey uss ka koi dushman bhi kauyon na ho but shukla ji tu kisi se sorry bolna tu apne insult samajhtay hain?

  8. Asim ne ek baar bola to sab ke sab khade ho gaye jab Asim ke Baap ke upar ja raha tha to tab to koi kuch nahi bola bolna hai to sabko bolo kisi ek ko nahi ?


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