Siddharth Shukla finally admits his mistakes, says it was wrong to drag Asim Riaz’s father during fights


In a key development on Wednesday night, Siddharth Shukla finally agreed that it was utterly wrong on his part to abuse Asim Riaz’s father during his fights inside the Bigg Boss house. He also revealed that he had apologised to Asim on multiple occasions for dragging his father into the fight.

Siddharth Shukla

This was after his connection in the house, Vikas Gupta, told Siddharth that he must exercise caution in future and desist from dragging Asim’s father. He said, “You can’t go after Dads. Period. You can’t do that.”

Siddharth agreed as he gave his own clarification, “I agree. You are absolutely right. Even I realised that I shouldn’t have done that. I invoke ‘your father’ when he pushes and abuses me.”

Vikas continued, “But, his papa is not playing the game. I know he (Asim) pokes you a lot. But, that’s what his game is. So just show some control on that aspect for three more weeks.”

Siddharth said, “Now it wouldn’t happen. He has also come to me and apologised promising that this wouldn’t happen again. See, every time I’ve gone ahead and apologised to him. This time, he has come on his own and apologised to me.”

Vikas warned Siddharth of consequences if he reacted to provocations by his rivals in the house. “They like to see you in pain,” Vikas continued.

Wednesday night also saw Shehnaaz Gill’s brother advising Siddharth to be careful of Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma. He told him that the real game plan of Paras and Mahira was to cause fissures between him and Shehnaaz.

Siddharth also featured during Kashmera Shah’s conversation with Arti Singh. Kashmera asked her sister-in-law if she liked Siddharth. She told Arti that Siddharth cared about her and would make a good husband for her. Arti too agreed but said that their temperament did not match with each other.


  1. Shidhart you are only one who can bring people into dead area because of your profit. We know that you are famous that from early if you are asim then you will get single votes these is true from the beginning asim didn’t get votes to much now he got much and more votes do want to how and why because likes and love his nature and he is right . Inside the house you is most important dangerous people we know that you and sahnazes relationship you are pretending to the sahnazes for geating vote.

  2. Asim’s father must be ashamed of himself and his son. Asim’s behaviour refects his poor upbringing. Asim’s father has failed to inculcate right values in his son. Asim has low morals, a filthy mind and an acerbic tongue. Asim is indecent and keeps barking in the house throughout the day.


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