Siddharth Shukla faces biggest emotional setback as Bigg Boss contestant after he rudely disowns Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif


Siddharth Shukla on Wednesday night faced the biggest setback as Bigg Boss contestant after he formally split with his special friend Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab’s Katrina Kaif. He bluntly told Shehnaaz that not only was he unfit to find a place in his life, she was also not capable of being loyal to any other men.

Siddharth Shukla

This all started by Siddharth making sarcastic comments aimed at Shehnaaz, “There’s no match to your level and my level…You are free to make your gang.” At one point he told Shehnaaz, “Baby, I am not Himanshi Khurana.” This left Shehnaaz infuriated since she never enjoyed a good rapport with Himanshi inside the Bigg Boss house.

The conversation continued to turn bitter as Siddharth said, “You will never be mine and you will never be loyal to anyone.”

Shehnaaz later told Shefali Jariwala that she still had some soft spot for Siddharth. She asked Siddharth to behave himself.

Arti Singh, sister of Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show, was visibly concerned by the split between Siddharth and Shehnaaz. But Shehnaaz told him to steer clear of her whenever she was engaged in a heated discussion with Siddharth.

Shehnaaz was upset that Siddharth had questioned her character when he said that the former was incapable of being loyal to anyone since she had betrayed her own parents. “Do you know it better that I was not loyal to my parents? Don’t you dare lower my character here.”

Siddharth also told Shehnaaz that even though he would never hurt her but he was also confident that he would never be in touch with her.

It seems that Siddharth was unhappy with Shehnaaz because of her growing closeness with Asim Riaz, who he’s been fighting with all through this season of Colors TV’s reality show.



  1. Earlier Asim was known to be irritating person in the house. Poking Siddharth to get some masala, which can be used further to be in limelight. But now it is clearly visible that Shehnaaz is doing the same.
    Irritating him inspite of knowing that Sid doesn’t want to talk. Simple logic- Irritate Sid, get some masala and then do drama for 1-2 episodes to get Sympathy.
    It was already told by Salman khan,
    ‘Gatar me hath daloge to gandagi hi nikalegi.’
    These people like gandagi so they keep on doing the same thing everytime. By the way, Shehnaaz is very clever.

  2. Sid crossed no limit he just said in english that u are so troublesum that how yr father must have tolerated ur
    Re shehnaz he is better off without her.he is right she had no loyality.even when her father warned her not to be close to rashmi,asim and paras ,she is just doing that.this is what sid meant when he said u are not loyal to yr parent
    Sid and arti are two decent people in big housr

  3. Sid is a twat big man with little brains. Lazy and unhygienic. Cant take no as an answer and cant stand losing even though he is a loser. We all know that shanaz was just using him but he took her on board knowing that.

    She has not joined Asim group she is herself getting in their faces as she has had rejection. Even now she is trying to get back with sid just for the show she is so fake. Asim is a better man than sid as he doesn’t stop so low so all you sid fans need a reality check. Otherwise what ever you say to asim goes right back at ya.

  4. Whenever there is a matter of Sid Sehnaz is to be blamed.Sid challenged her loyalty towards her parents,he mocked her,let down her and did every thing that can break down her heart.If Asim and his group saved her from nominations and she is paying back so what is wrong in that.Sid can Flip anytime why not sehnaz when she already told him before the task that she will support Asim team then why always sehnaz is being targeted.Sid should understand if u like someone even u face some problems in ur relation even then respect other personal space.Love is to give respect so Sid should really behave like a mature person.

  5. Omg!!!! Stop taking BB13 so religiously…..
    They are getting paid for this…. we ppl are just wasting time on such crap. I see few ppl supporting them based on religion like sharma,Shukla,chabara ko support Hindus aur riaz ect to Muslims…. seriously guys u need to grow up. Saath uska do jo sahi hain …. ufff

  6. Why must Sid be jealous of asim and sana friendship? Sid can mingle around with that mahira monkey? But sana has to religiously obey to Sid?

    Best Sana does not waste her time on this low mentality monster Sid and move on. She should focus on her game and no longer on Sid anymore.


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