Siddharth Shukla accused of crossing limits, ‘chokes’ Asiam Riaz in ugly fight in Bigg Boss house


Siddharth Shukla has always faced criticism for his anger with many Bigg Boss housemates accusing him of physically assaulting contestants particularly women members of the reality show. The TV actor even had to be punished by Bigg Boss after Mahira Sharma alleged that she was physically assaulted by him during a task. He was nominated for two weeks after Bigg Boss ran a promo announcing his eviction from the competition. On Tuesday night, Siddharth appeared to cross all limits after he was accused of ‘choking’ Asim Riaz during an ugly fight.

Siddharth Shukla

As reported by Janta Ka Reporterthe ugly fight between the two erstwhile friends erupted after Siddharth alleged that Asim had gone on to wash and almost chop apples inspite of Siddharth telling him not to do so. The fight turned ugly when Siddharth pushed Asim, who too responded with equal aggression. As the housemates who were still engaged in the captaincy task rushed to intervene, Siddharth was seen holding Asim by his shirt. Asim later said that Siddharth had tried to choke him.

The fight did not stop here as Asim charged back warning Siddharth to behave well in the future saying that he was not going to be intimidated by him.

Aarti Singh said that this was Siddharth’s passive anger blaming Shehnaaz Gill for the fight. She said that Asim was not wrong as he simply could not trust Shehnaaz Gill, who appears to be coming close to Siddharth lately.

Wednesday night will see more fight between Siddharth and Asim with new alignment taking place inside the Bigg Boss house. Going by the promo broadcast by Colors TV, it seems Siddharth is going to lose favour from his own group members. Asim, Shefali Jariwala and Himanshi Khurana were seen conversing to form a separate group without Siddharth. If this happens, Siddharth will have a torrid time in the house. Even Aarti, another close friend of Siddharth, is inclined to side with Asim, leaving only Shehnaaz to his side.

Whatever the case, the Bigg Boss reality show has suddenly become incredibly interesting.



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