“Shweta your mic is on”: Twitter erupts with meme fest after student caught sharing intimate stories on phone call during college Zoom meeting


One student is having to pay a heavy price for not turning off her mic while being on a Zoom class as she ended up sharing intimate sex stories to 111 fellow meeting participants. The video of one Shweta sharing her intimate stories on a phone call while the college Zoom online class was LIVE has gone viral, triggering a meme fest on Twitter.

In the video, a girl can be heard speaking to someone on the phone as she fervently shared her intimate stories with her friend. Her embarrassed classmates repeatedly and desperately shouted, “Shweta your mic is on.” But this had little effect as she kept going into more intimate details, leaving her friends more embarrassed.

One friend even suggested that someone should call her to alert her that her intimate stories were being heard by 111 participants, but this too had no impact. It seems the girl was under the false impression that muting her laptop would mute the online Zoom class too.

‘Shweta’ became a top trending topic in no time with users sharing hilarious memes on the microblogging site.

It seems that one of the hundred and eleven participants has leaked the video on YouTube.


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