Shocking! Arnab Goswami’s colleague Gaurav Arya insults India’s war veterans, warns them of public thrashing; Kavita Kaushik, Saif Ali Khan slam Republic TV founder for antics


Major Gaurav Arya from Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV faced widespread shaming by his seniors from the Indian army on Sunday for defending the ‘lies’ of the central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the military transgressions made by the Chinese army in the Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh. Faced with public ridicule, Arya lost his cool and warned veterans including Lt. Gen HS Panag, Brigadier (Retd) Sandy Thapar and journalist Man Aman Singh Chhina of public thrashing. This was days after Arnab Goswami faced criticism from TV actress Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait.

Shocking! Aranb Goswami's colleague Gaurav Arya insults India's war veterans, warns them of public thrashing; Kavita Kaushik, Saif Ali Khan slam Republic TV founder for antics

This all started after Brigadier Sandy Thapar pointed out on Twitter how Arnab Goswami in his last debate had mentioned Colonel (Retd) Ajai Shukla 49 times in the first 16 minutes of his show. Brigadier Thapar tweeted, “@ajaishukla is the flavour of the day on @republic
.16 mins into the show, @ArnabGoswamiRTv has named him 49 times.& now it’s turn of @rwac48 (General Panag)! @majorgauravarya says I’ve been tolerating these two for 2-3 yrs now but won’t now!”

Brigadier Thapar also mocked Arya’s claims of being an armed forces veteran by highlighting his brief stint in the army on a Short Service Commission lasting for just five years. He wrote in Hindi mockingly, “Masaan Masaan (Jumma Jumma) 5 saal naukri aur ye tewar. (Just 5 years of service and showing such attitude).”

Responding to Brigadier Thapar’s tweet, General Panag wrote, “:) Two hoots!” Chhina agreed, “Well said sir. You need not respond to charlatans who know less about military tactics than a NCO (Non-Commissioned officers such as sepoys and Havildars).”

This evoked quite an unruly response from Arya as he warned Brigadier Thapar, General Panag and Chhina of public thrashing. He wrote, “Sandy Thapar, Gen Panag and Man Aman Singh Chinna…don’t think that I cannot respond. Don’t cry when you get a thrashing in public. If you want to try, go ahead. And Man Aman Singh Chinna, don’t try to f**k with your pop, you joker.”

Chhina warned Arya to stay in his limits, prompting Goswami’s ‘yes man’ to resort to even more below-the-belt attacks. Arya then shifted his attention to Brigadier Thapar, who retired from the army after 36 years of service. Arya told him audaciously, “Sandy, you are jealous. You must have dragged your ass all over Mahajan and now you are wondering who is this guy?:

An amused Brigadier Thapar replied, “Lol. Darling I joined St Stephen’s before you were born. Honourably served 36 yrs vs ur 6 in army. Served 11 yrs in J&K (double ur entire service). Was involved with media before you could spell news. Ppl tell me despite being 60, i still look better than you. Me jealous Thinking face?”

Arya appeared determined to display his worst behaviour as he replied to his senior even more disparagingly, “Thapar, which PVC did you get even if you served 30 years? You guys have made a cabal and now you are trying to browbeat others. Desist. You will get a rocket up your backside. Chinna you will get two rockets.”

Reminding Arya about the military etiquette, Brigadier Thapar said, “It’s Brig Thapar. Shows how much you learnt in your ltd service in Army! Incidentally your bn was part of my bde. A very fine bn but I guess somewhat erred in your grooming. I put in 36 yrs, which is 7 times yours. Kindly don’t teach me. BTW even my son has twice your service!”

Arya’s decision to insult his seniors, all decorated war heroes, earned him plenty of condemnation from Twitterati. Many questioned his audacity to lecture his seniors, who had spent decades serving the army in comparison with Arya’s just five years of service. They asked why he had chosen to quit the army just after the five years of service if he claimed to be more patriotic than his seniors.

Army veterans are incensed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clean chit to China on the recent military transgressions in the Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh. Arya is accused of defending the BJP government in his zeal to support the Hindutva ideology even when the prime minister’s extraordinary statement was widely deemed as an insult to the deaths of 20 soldiers.

Earlier, several celebrities including FIR actress Kavita Kaushik, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha and actress Kubbra Sait had slammed Goswami for his shenanigans in the recent days leading to his interrogation by the Mumbai Police.


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